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There are a lot of people nowadays who know about body and face mapping. This is reflexology and it is about certain parts of your body being connected through nerves with some inner body organs. This way when people know which part of their face, foot, and so on corresponds to their body organs, they can massage it and the pain may go away in some time.

Many people know about face and feet reflexology, but they do not know that their hands have such “superpower” as well. There are not only nerves in the hands of a person that correspond to nerves of their body organs, but one could also have some pain in their hands that can show something is wrong with this person’s health. And this is not about some minor pain caused by bumping your hand into a chair. It is about some persistent pain.

Today we have prepared for you a list of types of pain in the hands, together with the reason for them and the things one needs to do to cure the pain. So, check it out!

#1 Pain on your fingers, the middle of the palm, and the wrists

If you notice such kind of persistent pain in your hands, then it may be the sign of fatigue. Usually such kind of pain is because of lifting some heavy objects, or because of improper position of the hands while one is working. If your wrists are often in a position that does not help them relax, this may lead to some extra pressure in one’s hands.

If you notice that you have such frequent pain in your hands, then it is time to change the position of your wrists. Make sure your hands are able to relax as much as possible and give yourself a break every now and then from your work.

#2 Pain in your ring finger and your pinky

The next hand condition that one may have is pain in their ring finger and their pinky finger. Unfortunately, such kind of pain may be the sign of some spine problems. The nerves in one’s spine are linked to the nerves in these two fingers.

That is why if you start feeling such kind of pain you need to be careful about your posture. You need to make sure you stand up straight and that you do not bend. You may also start doing exercises for your spine. You need to stretch it as often as possible. Gymnastics, yoga, and swimming are other kinds of activities you may start doing. They will relief the pressure from your back.

#3 Finger tingling

If you notice that the fingers on your left hand have started tingling, and that this happens often, then this may be a sign that your body lacks vitamins. Usually these vitamins are vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin B1. You may also notice that your left foot is tingling as well.

If this happens to your body, start having more fruits and vegetables, or simply increase your vitamin intake by drinking some vitamin tablets. You may also have nuts, leafy green vegetables, and fish. If your condition remains the same, then it is best to consult a doctor about it.

#4 Whole hand tingling

The next symptom starts by tingling in the fingers and then continues all over the hands. Unfortunately, this could be a sing of Buerger’s disease. People who smoke have bigger chances of having such a disease. This is because the nicotine in the cigarettes which people smoke makes it harder for the blood flow to reach the tips of the fingers. This is often accompanied by a lack of minerals in one’s body.

What you need to do if you notice such symptoms about your body is to stop smoking. Then it is best if you start leading a healthy life. Make sure you have fresh fruits and vegetables, and have some kind of physical activity. This will improve your overall body health as well.

#5 Feet and hands tingling

The next kind of symptom may look similar to the other ones, but not exactly. This one usually starts in the feet and then moves on to the hands. The reason for this condition is the fact that one’s blood flow cannot reach their limbs. This could be a sign of diabetes, unfortunately. That is why if you notice any such change in your body, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

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