Find out What Your Eyes Reveal about Your Health

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Eyes are the only part of the human body that never changes. Sure, your eyesight can get weaker, but the outer appearance of your eyes will not change. It may be because of this, or because of the fact that we use our eyes to see, but many cultures all over the world have the belief that eyes are a person’s window to their soul. They can reveal so much about a person’s character that you can be amazed by it. Here are a few interesting facts about the human eyes and what they can reveal about a person’s interior world.

Eye color is genetic

Even if you dream of having a baby with blue eyes, you can never be sure that this will happen. Sometimes, both the mother and father of the baby may have blue eyes, but no one can be exactly sure whether the baby will have the same eye color until its birth. So, even if you ask a fortuneteller about it, there would be still the element of doubt, because genetics works its own way.

Your eye color determines how healthy you are

A lot of people will be curious to find out how exactly their eyes can reveal a part of their health. In fact, it is all about immunity. Research has shown that the darker one’s eyes are, the stronger will their immune system be, and the lighter one’s eyes are, the more they will be prone to catching common viruses and different diseases. So, it turns out that blue and green could be the most desired eye color, but not if you want to have stronger immune system.

Some foods can change your eye color

You have probably heard that eating certain foods can change your pigmentation a little. If you, for example, eat mostly carrots for less than a month, you will notice slight change in your skin color. It will have turned slightly orange, because of the increased intake of orange vegetables, in this case – carrot. And as you can imagine, this happens only with natural foods which color is close to your pigmentation color.

The same is with eyes, although the change will not be that obvious. If you have a huge amount of honey, for example, you can enhance the color of your eyes. However, this will only happen if the honey is organic and the intake is regular. Honey is quite healthy. So, if you eat it regularly, it will not only help your eyes, but also the rest of your body.

For strong eye sight eat spinach

The sooner a person realizes that they are the ones to protect their heath, the better it will be. In order not to wear glasses when you get older, you need to have regularly certain products, like carrots and spinach. The high contain of iron in spinach can not only retain the youthfulness of your eyes, but it can also make them brighter.

Eating fish can permanently change your color

If you have fish in your diet and do not want to change your eye color, do not worry. Such kinds of things do not happen for a day. Besides the fish intake should really be big to change one’s eye color, and the fish should be only one kind, for example salmon. If a person changes the types of fish they consummate, this should be enough to know that your eye color would not be changed, but your health for sure. And if you really want to change your eye color, just have one type of fish everyday.

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