Find out if He Likes You By Paying Attention to His Gestures and Posture

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There are a lot of women who have low self-esteem and think that men do no like them. That is why they have a lot of doubts and are never sure if a man likes them or not. And sometimes men are not very open about their feelings and do not share them because they are worried that they will be hurt, or laughed at. So, what to do when you are in doubt and do not know if a man likes you or not?

Just look at his posture when he is around you. Even if people try to hide something and to keep their feelings a secret, their bodies cannot do this. When people are nervous they start shaking, and when they are happy, they do not stop smiling. And when people are in love, they also cannot hide it.

That is why you can pay special attention on a person’s gestures and posture when they are around you. Today we are going to tell you which signs you need to notice about men that are around you.

#1 He touches his hair

Not only women pay special attention to their hair and nervously smooth it when they are anxious, or when they do not know what to do at some point. If you notice that a man that is around you, or one that is talking to you, is constantly touching his hair, or he smooths it from time to time, then you need to have in mind that he probably likes you, because this is a sign of wanting to look at their best in order to make the other person like them.

#2 He puts his hands on his waist

Another posture you need to be aware of when it comes to your relationships with men is when a man pus his hands on their waist. This is a sign that he is trying to show you his strength. Other people say that this way a man is trying to point a woman’s attention to this part of their body, the one between their legs as well. And this is surely a sign of sexual desire.

#3 He copies your pose

Another way you can find out if a man likes you or not is to pay special attention to their pose and more importantly to notice whether they copy your pose. People copy other peoples’ poses when they are trying to understand them and get in touch with them. In fact, they could be doing it absolutely subconsciously without even realizing it.

#4 He becomes more talkative

The next sign, that I could say is pretty obvious when it comes to finding out if a person likes you or not, is when this person becomes more excited and talkative when you show up. This will happen because we will be trying to grab your attention and more importantly to impress you. This is another thing he could be doing subconsciously.

#5 His pose is open

The next sign which will show you that this person is interested in you is when you are both standing, for example, and he turns to you with an open pose. You will notice it when you are not alone, but when there are also other people in the group. When he still turns his body to you and not towards other people in the group, you can be sure that you are the one who he want to have some contact with and to impress.

#6 He tries to look as big as possible

The next sign you need to be aware of is when a man tries to look as big as possible when he is around you. This is a kind of instinct that is similar to the one male animals have when they are trying to impress a female. They stick their heads, or show their most beautiful feathers. They want to look bigger because the bigger the male is, the better care they will take for their partner.

The same way a man would want to look big and impressive when he is around the woman of his desire. It may sound a bit strange and funny, but in the end, people also have natural instincts they cannot escape from.

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