Fashion Items that Need to Stay in 2016

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The greatest thing about fashion is that it changes fast and when one does not like some fashion trends, they soon change. And that is exactly what will happen with some 2016 fashion trends. New ones will come in 2017 and the old ones will stay in 2016.

And when you look at some of this year’s trends, you will be happy that they will be forgotten. Today we decided to share with some fashion trends that definitely need to stay in 2016. And you will see now why.

#1 Mom jeans

The first fashion item in our list that needs to stay in 2016 and do not come to 2017 is mom jeans. They were quite popular this year and a lot of women wore them, even some celebrities. However, this casual jeans design is one of the most unflattering ones.

They make ones lower part of the body look flat and shapeless. They do not shape one’s butt well and look very casual, as if one has gone to the nearby shop. You can be sure that you will make yourself a favor if you do not wear such jeans designs again.

#2 Fur slippers

This is one of the worst combinations I can think of when it comes to shoes. Fur is a type of fabric that usually goes with winter fashion items, like coats, bags, or boots. While slippers are a kind of shoes that are not worn in the winter. That is why this trend is a little bit disturbing and it attracts attention, but in a negative way. If you have such kind of shoes, it is best to leave them in 2016 and never get them back.

#3 Cold-shoulders tops

When it comes to bare-shoulder tops, one trend became quite popular this year and there are still a lot of women who continue wearing this tops. These ones are the cold-shoulder ones. You know the tops which are long-sleeve ones but have a cut in the shoulder area and leave this part of a woman’s body bare.

These items are not like off-the-shoulders ones. These cold-shoulder tops look like as if there are some holes in one’s top. They are definitely not sexy, but awkward and a little bit disturbing. It is best to leave them in the past, you can be sure about that.

#4 Unicorns

Unicorns are sweet and magical, but don’t you think that some people go way over with this trend. I mean, you can like unicorns, but it is not necessarily that everything you have is with unicorns, like tops and bags. Maybe it is time to give unicorn items a break from fashion and stop wearing you have in your wardrobe with unicorns. And yes, unicorn hair should also stay in the year of the unicorn, 2016.

#5 Bags with faces

I am a huge fan of statement bags, but some bag designs just go way over the top. Last year bags in the shapes of fast foods were a huge hit, but luckily this fashion trend stayed in 2015. In 2016 one of the statement bag designs that were quite popular was face bags.

Small shoulder bags and clutch bags had “faces” on the front part. But it is time for this bag trend to stay in the past. Bag-faces are no longer unexpected and interesting. Maybe some new and wild trend needs to come in 2017, who knows?

#6 T-shirts with dresses on top of them

Surprise, surprise, one of the 90s trends that came back in 2016 was wearing a t-shirt or another top with a dress with thin straps on top. Some people say that layering is supposed to be fun and attractive, but do you really think so when you look at such outfits?

This kind of outfit is probably worn when one feels cold to wear a dress with thin straps in the summer or in the other warm months of the year. It could be cool and funny to wear such kind of items together, but it is about time to forget about this outfit once again.

#7 Lace-up body suits

Body suits are very practical, especially in the winter when a woman does not want her waist to accidentally be exposed to the cold weather outside. However, lace-up body suits are a little bit too much already. Surely at first these items were sexy and attractive, but it is time to separate these two designs. And let’s hope that lace-up body suits will stay in the past for a long time.

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