Fashion Ideas for Wearing Ankle Boots in the Winter

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The colder the weather gets, the more people start wearing warmer clothes and shoes. One of the top kinds of shoes worn in the winter is definitely boots. A lot of women prefer wearing below-the-knee boots because this way they can not only keep their feet warm, but also their legs.

However, there are plenty of types of boots which do not allow women with big calves to wear them, simply because they are not made for such big calves. This is quite annoying especially if it does not happen for the first time. So often women with big calves prefer wearing ankle boots simply because they would not have to deal with such kinds of problems about their calves.

Besides ankle boots can be worn in a lot of different ways. They could be casual and elegant, and they are also quite comfortable. Today we have decided to show you some outfits worn with ankle boots. Check them out!

#1 Leopard ankle boots

Not all ankle boots should be black or in only one color. If you decide that you want something less strict and a little more fun, then try with leopard ankle boots. You can match them with a pair of denim jeans and a black top and you will look stylish and at the same time your outfit will have a center piece which will be the ankle boots.

#2 Office chic

The next outfit idea is suitable for a day in the office. It is very elegant and would look good no matter of height or body type. For this outfit we have chosen a pair of black ankle boots and we have matched them with a high-waist pencil skirt which is with a knee length. The skirt could be in black and the top, which is a sweater or a blouse, in white, nude, or grey. The colors are neutral which is why this outfit is suitable for a working environment.

#3 Everyday style

Another outfit which one could wear for everyday occasions also includes ankle boots. The easiest way to match them is with a pair of skinny jeans. If you want to add a central piece, you could do it with the top if you choose a layered one, or one with some interesting design. To make the outfit complete put on top a blazer in vibrant green color, or in a dark blue one.

#4 Green, green, green

The next outfit is perfect for those of you who like the color green. This is a color which has a calming effect and relaxes you when you wear it. It is also a color which is not considered to be worn a lot in the winter that is why we have decided to add it in the list.

We, of course, start with the boots with need to be in a dark green color, like pine, basil, seaweed hues, and match them with a pair of black fitted pants. If you prefer to wear this outfit more casually, then instead of the black pants, you may wear the boots with a pair of denim jeans.

The next part of the outfit gives you also something to choose from. You could either choose the top of your outfit to be in the same green color, or a similar one, or you could instead decide to match it with your bag or scarf.

I personally think that it is outdated to wear a bag with a matching color of the shoes. That is why I would either match the green ankle boots with a green scarf, or with a green top. If you decide to match them with a scarf, then make sure the top is in neutral color, preferably in black.

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