Fashion Essentials That Will Help You To Create Eternal Style

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To build up a great fashion style and wardrobe that is worthed takes a while. But there are some rules and things every fashionable woman should own and wear with confidence. Those are things every one of those fashion bloggers you love so much and follow wears. And knows how to combine. Once you build a solid wardrobe of the essentials in every stylish woman’s wardrobe, you will be wearing to mix and match everything and never ever again feel like you have nothing to wear.

But how do you know what is fashionable and timeless and worthed? Well, first of all opt for better  fabrics. This is half of the job done. Then read along to see which pieces you are missing.


Beautiful woman is in fashion style in black mini skirt

Beautiful woman is in fashion style in black mini skirt

            Black and white

This is one of the most timeless combinations ever. It looks classy, stylish and you can never go wrong with it. Also it is suitable for any body type. And let’s not forget, it was Coco Chanel’s most favorable combination ever. Although black and white is a monochromatic look, it is bold. Black and white stripes are one of the all time classics and it is worthed to have a dress in that color combination. You can be formal or casual. Next weekend grabs a white T-shirt, put on your black skinny pants, add some sneakers and you have your off duty look.

  • Accessorize with a pop of color

Since we already talked about the monochromatic look, let’s talk about what you can combine it with. The perfect accessorie for a monochromatic look is something in a bright color. For winter and autumn you can go for greens, oxbloog, red, purple. Summer and spring tough give us more freedom. Opt for bright pinks, bright blues, yellows, tuqoise and any neon color. This will make your outfit cool and efortless, although it might be a busier one. Every outfit needs a complimenting accessorie, so invest into at least one. It will be your to go to element.

  • LBD

If you don’t know those initials, then you haven’t been studying your fashion lessons very well. LBD stands for the Little Black Dress. This is the MUST of them all. There should not be a woman in the world, which doesn’t own at least one of those. This is an item that comes in different shapes, depending on body type and what you like. And that is the best thing – it is suitable for anybody. Also, you can have a number of them, without feeling like they are all the same. When we say ‘little’, we don’t mean a mini, mini dress. It just means a short black dress. Also,r let’s not forget that a dress like that can work for any occasion – work, parties, black tie event, casual walk. Literally anything. If you don’t already own one of those – go find yours.

  • Statement necklace

Any statement piece is a statement for a reason. It should be part of your jewelry collection, because it can take any outfit to the next level. And if you have a couple of those – it will be better! But let’s start with one. What is though a statement necklace? This is a piece of jewelry that is bigger, bolder and has something special about it. It can be made out of anything – literally. But should have a twist to it. For example, it could be big, thick, braided chains. Or it could contain from small charms all around your neck. It doesn’t matter. What exactly will it be is up to. But it should be something that can be added to any outfit. Especially the all black ones and the monochromatic ones.


   Girl with the sun in the back               A blazer

The blazer is also one of those pieces, that if a woman told me she doesn’t have one, I will be shocked. If that is yours – it is about time you got one. But remember, then a must blazer, shouldn’t be the one of your pant suit (or any suit for that matter). It should be a single blazer meant to be worn like that. A blazer that goes with dresses, shirts, T-shirts, jumpsuits – the all time blazer. The best colors to start with are black, navy and white. Once you have those colors in your collection you can add up bold colors. The blazer should be exactly the right fit. Not too short, remember this! It is something that you throw on, when you can’t think of a better combination. And once you find the one for you, you will love it.


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