Eyebrows as Part of Your Makeup Routine

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What is the key feature that gives shape to your face and enhances the final look of your makeup? While the logical assumption might be your big eyes or your full lips, it is actually the brows that hold the highest value. When it comes to beautiful, bold brows, you are probably thinking about Cara Delevingne. The British beauty has been causing arch envy for years now, and everyone has been desperately trying to discover their perfect brow shape. Since not everyone is blessed with gorgeous eyebrows like hers, brow tints, growth-stimulating serums and even hair transplant procedures have been super popular for the past few years. To be honest, you don’t need to go through all this drama to achieve the perfect eyebrows, just grab your brow pencil from your makeup bag and follow the steps below. Yes, you too can have awesome model-like arches.

Step 1: Brush all hairs with an eyebrow grooming brush or with a clean mascara brush.

Step 2: Use an eyebrow pencil to draw a slick line underneath your natural brow.

Step 3: If you weren’t blessed with a set of bold beauties at birth, you need to fill them nicely. Take an angled makeup brush dipped in brow powder and make light strokes, in the directions of the hair growth, to fill in the brow gently. Remember that filling in your eyebrows with your natural colour can help draw focus to your eyes and enhance your look. Extra definition to your arches will give your face an instant lift!

Step 4: Brush hairs upward with brow gel or clear mascara brush to hold and enhance the look. This will prevent any sneaky little hairs stepping out of line. Take a very close look at your brows to make sure they look even and balanced from every angle.

Step 5: For subtle brow touch-ups, apply a hint of highlighter just under the arch and blend it into the skin. Try to keep most of the highlighter on the outer edges of your brow bone.

Step 6: Finally, brush all hairs with the grooming brush again. This will ensure your eyebrows stay great all day!



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