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I’m sure that you know the nail trend with the velvet dust. It is gorgeous and classy. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if want to achieve the same nail design.

  • The most important step is to file the nails perfectly into even shape. I recommend you the oval nail shape. Why is it so important? The color that we will use is black, and if the tips of the nails are cracked, out of shape or edgy, it will be noticeable because the dark color contour the shape of the nail perfectly. I recommended the oval shape because it is the “strongest” one, and also, the manicure will look better on oval-shaped nails.

  • Once the nails are filed, you should apply a base coat – transparent nail polish or transparent nail strenghtener, just put something colorless in order to prevent yellowing, caused by the black nail polish.

  • When the base coat is dry, you should paint the nails with black nail polish. While the black coat is wet, sprinkle the fingers with the velvet dust, which must be black too. You know that the velvet nail polishes come in palettes of 4, 6 or more colors. Let the velvet dust stick perfectly on the nails while the black nail polish dries out.

  • Then, use a dotting tool and silver nail polish to decorate the nails with dots.

  • This nail art doesn’t need top coat. There is a huge chance of the velvet coat to fall off after two or three days, but the top coat will ruin the effect. That’s why this nail art is special – because it should be applied only for a special occasion.

If you like this design, you should come back sometime to see our other ideas for your nails, hair and makeup. Have fun!

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