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You can use your everyday life as an inspiration for your beauty project. For instance, you can make a domino manicure. All you have to do is to gather some needed tools and colors, which are: black and white nail polish, dotting tool and drawing brush. Take a look at the steps:

  • Every manicure requires good condition of the nails, which can be achieved with nail file, hand scrub and orange stick. You should make the skin around the nails smooth and soft. Use a petroleum jelly or cuticle oil to soften the skin and then remove the dead skin and dry cells with hand scrub. Push the cuticles back to the moons of the nails with the orange stick.

  • The next prep-step is the one where you have to file the nails. I recommend you to create the square nail shape.

  • The main color that you will have to apply is black. This is a dark color, which means that the nails are at great risk, they can become yellow because of the dark nail polish if you don’t protect them with something. This “something” is a base coat – a transparent layer of protection.

  • When the base coat is dry and ready, you should apply the black nail polish. If it is not opaque, apply a second layer in order to create intensive color.

  • Then, stick or draw a thin white line at the middle of the nail bed horizontally.

  • Use a dotting tool to create the dots that will help to imitate the look of the domino.

  • Wait for the decoration to dry out completely before the application of the top coat, which will save the manicure last longer.

  • All done!

Here is a little tip: If you want to dry the nails instantly, dip the fingers into ice-cold water. The nail polish will dry in no time. Enjoy!

extraordinary manicure inspiration

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