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Lip colour is everything, especially when you’re running late to work and all you have time to do is swipe your favourite long-lasting lippie off your vanity to apply during your commute. But for those moments when you’re not in a major time crunch, like when you’re prepping for a special occasion, why not take your lip look to the next level? It’s time to try this extra pink lipstick look! The end result is fabulous, intense and irresistible lips in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Before applying anything else to your lips, apply a light moisturizing balm. Make sure the balm isn’t too waxy — you want it to sink into your lips, not sit on top of them. Once you’ve prepared and moisturized your lips properly, you can continue. Begin by outlining your lips with intense pink lip linear. A common thing to do is to start at the centre-top and centre-bottom of your lips and then work outward. Outlining your lips will make the process of filling your lips much easier.

Step 2: Now, fill in your lips with the same lip liner. Give your lips a full coverage.

Step 3: Then, grab your lipstick in a lighter pink shade and apply it to the centre to recreate this ombre effect.

Step 4: Use a brush or your fingertip to blend the two shades together.

Step 5: Clean the outer edges of your lips with some concealer. Try adding some shimmer with lip gloss. It is not necessary, but it will add some sparkle and shine. You do not need to apply the lip gloss all over your lips; you can just dab a small amount to the centre of your bottom lip.

Here is another great trick to make your lovely lipstick last longer: apply a thin layer of concealer on top and then dab a tissue to remove the excess foundation from the lips. Now you can enjoy your pink lipstick all day and night without worrying whether it will smudge or fade away!

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