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I think that it is easier to choose and buy a house or apartment rather than decorating. It’s hard to make a house look more like a home and this transition will happen in the moment when you feel it is your home. This realization should happen when you are buying the house, but sometimes you are choosing it with another person and you have to consider his/her wishes an often that leads to compromises, which means that there is a small chance for you not feeling the place as your home immediately. Or some other times, you just don’t have enough money to buy the house of your dreams. The main thing is to be happy with what you’ve got and work through the obstacles until you achieve your desires.

Here are some tips for making a house interior look more like home and also, to look more expensive, while you are fitting into the budget. Take a look:

  • The decoration of walls, ceiling and floor might cost you a lot. That’s why I suggest you to go for simple and common colors and patterns, which will save you a lot of money, and work on details like lighting, furnitures, frames and so on.

  • An instant way to level up the style in your room is to put a fancy vase, full of flowers. It’s better to use fresh flowers, but if you forget to change them, buy some fake flowers. There are so well made fake flowers that you won’t be able to recognize that they are fake.

  • A delicate situation is the one with the curtains. If your windows have standard sizes, don’t put the curtains right above the window. Hang them high, all the way up to the ceiling, which will create the illusion of higher windows, which looks expensive and chic.

  • Cover the floor. Area rugs or carpets will bring the cozy feeling immediately, so make sure you are matching the pattern and the texture wisely with the rest of the room design.

  •  A decorative nook. No matter how small  your place is, try to create a small nook where you will put some of your art and decorative stuff, like a vase, coffee table books, a lamp or a small flower or statue.

  • Store your stuff in matching storage containers.  One place looks expensive when it is noticeable that everything is purposely matched. A simple thing like your matching your storage containers, is capable of turning your place into a lovely home.

  • Often the style of the place depends on the details. Try to change the handles and the hardware of your kitchen with crystal knobs or silver colored knobs.

  • A mirror in a fancy frame. The vintage style always seemed sophisticated and expensive for me. So, put a round mirror in a gorgeous, detailed wooden frame. Also, the mirror gives more space to the room with the illusion of another room.

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