Essential Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

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Having sparse brows is something that can happen to everyone. Thick, well-shaped eyebrows can enhance your look, while thin and sparse eyebrows can break your look. If your eyebrows aren’t looking like they used to, there is a solution to this common problem. This tutorial will show you how to properly shape and fake the perfect eyebrows. Learn how to get full, worthy eyebrows with the simple steps below, including grooming, plucking and primping essential tips!

Tip No 1: When you’re shaping your brows, take it slow. Make sure you don’t pluck too much because eyebrow hairs can take up to 7 weeks to grow back. In fact, sometimes they don’t grow back at all. Use eyebrow comb to move the hair direction upward and trim the hair which sticks above the eyebrow line.


Tip No 2: Find the perfect eyebrows shape for your face shape first. Not the same eyebrow suits every face as everyone has different shape. It is very simple to discover which eyebrow shape would suit you most. If you have round face then try the high arch as it will make your face look chubby. Square face people should make their eyebrows a little bit curved. For people with heart shaped face, high arched eyebrows can add length to their face. The perfect eyebrows for oval shaped faces are soft angled eyebrows.


Tip No 3: Measure the ideal length of your eyebrows. The ultimate goal is to discover the ideal shape without sacrificing their natural appearance. To help examine the perfect shape of your eyebrows, grab a ruler and align it vertically with the outer nose and your inner eye – that’s the beginning of the brow. Following the natural shape of your brow, use a sharp pencil to fill in the eyebrows by applying light strokes.


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