Eggplant Pout for Dramatic Lips

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If you have plumped and expressive lips, then you have an obligation to learn how to apply dark colors on them, simply because the dark colors look absolutely amazing on plump lips. First of all, you have to find out which are the best dark colors for your face. Some shades look better with a pale skin background, but some others match more the matte facial skin complexion. For instance, the darker the color is, the better it looks on pale skin. The contrast contributes to the great final result. I want to show you now a tutorial for dark colored lipstick, applied on model with pale white skin. The main color is reddish, but the final touch is purple. If you manage to match the right shades of those two colors, you will create an amazing final effect. Take a look at the steps, you shouldn’t skip none of them. Here we go:

  • The first and most important step is to prepare the skin of the lips for the color application, which means that you must soften the skin with some vaseline and then exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub. You can always prepare a lip scrub at home with honey and white crystal sugar.

  • Then, you have to apply a primer on the lips and cover them in concealer in order to enhance this pop-out effect that is created by the contrast. I told you about it earlier.

  • Then, take a lip liner and draw the most perfect shape of your lips. It is easy – just trace the natural borders of your lips.

  • Then, fill in the lips with the lip liner.

  • Top them with the very same color of lipstick. I recommend you to use a brush for the application of the lipstick in order to minimize the chances of the mistakes.

  • Then, apply the purple color only at the middle of the lips.

  • Wrap the lips with concealer one more time.

  • Done!

eggplant pout for dramatic look

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