Early Christmas Shopping

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There are 2 months till Christmas and it‘s time to prepare your Christmas shopping list! You may think that it‘s too early, but if you think about how many presents you should buy and how many problems you can prevent with early shopping, you will take a pen and paper and start organizing the gifts!

To successfully organize an early Christmas shopping, you first need a list of everybody who is going to receive a gift from you. The list is essential because this way you‘ll know how many gifts you should be, who should you them for and how much money will it all cost.

That‘s the second thing – think about your budget. It‘s easy to think about gifts when you don‘t have a budget, but if you have 10 people to surprise on Christmas on 200 dollars to spend, things might get harder. Think about your budget wisely – Christmas shouldn‘t be for expensive gifts, but the gesture that people make. So, don‘t go overboard with spending money and think about how much money would that person gives for your present – often people we think are some of our closest don‘t actually think the same about us.

Brainstorm ideas what to buy for every person. Ask around for things they have been wanting for a long time and use this as guidance what they would like the most. This should be fairly easy because if you are buying gifts for those people, probably they are your family and closest friends. Put some thought in the process – if you buy the same thing to two or three people and they know each other, it might seem as if you don‘t care enough for them to buy different stuff.

When it comes to actually buying the gifts, you can wait for Christmas (because of the discounts) or buy the now when you now that they‘ll in stock and you‘ll definitely buy what you are searching for. I would recommend buying them now because if something is out of stock on the day before Christmas, you won‘t be able to find a new gift, unless you thought about plan B, and you‘ll be left empty handed.

And, if you don‘t want to start shopping from now, you can use these advice for next month and still be prepared for one of the greatest holidays – Christmas!

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