DIY Winter Manicure Ideas

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It is almost the most wonderful time of the year and more and more people have already started their preparations about the holidays. And since we are also in a Christmas mood, today we have prepared for you some winter manicure ideas which you can try this season. After all, it never hurts to have some nice winter inspired manicure even if you are not too much of a fan of the season. So, check out these ideas and try them yourselves!

#1 Penguin manicure

The first of the manicure ideas is inspired by a typical winter symbol – a penguin. If you are a fan of these extremely cute animals, you can try this manicure on your own.

What you need to do is to pain your nails in black nail polish and let them dry completely before you move on to drawing the penguin. Then create the body of the penguin by using white nail polish. Make a half circle starting a little bit above the center of your nailup to the tip of it.

Then make the eyes drawing two small white dots above the half white circle you created for the body of the penguin. Then when the nail polish dries again, add two smaller black dots in the center of the white ones to create the eyes.

The last thing you need to do is to use orange nail polish to create the peak of the penguin and the legs. Draw a small inverted triangle on the white part of the body of the penguin at the top of it, between the eyes of it. And the peak of the penguin is ready.

Lastly you need to draw the feet. Use again the orange nail polish and draw two small rectangles on the tip of your nail. And the feet of the penguin are ready. Do the same with the rest of your nails.

#2 Snowflakes

Another symbol of winter and Christmas is snowflakes. That is why the next manicure idea is inspired by them. Here is what you need to do to create this manicure:

First you need to paint your nails in a blue color. Make sure that the hue is not too dark. Then when it gets dry you can move on to drawing the snowflake. You will need a white nail polish. Draw a big X with it which needs to take most of your nail. This will be the base for the snowflake. Then draw a plus sign where the two lines of the “x” meat. But this time the lines of the plus sign should be twice as short as the lines of the “x” sign.

Then when the nail polish dries again draw small lines as if emerging from the tips of the base of the snow flake. It basically could imitate the branches of a tree.

It is also not necessary to draw snowflakes on all of your nails. You can draw them on your middle and ring fingers, while the rest of the nails could have some golden glitter on, to match the festivity of the holiday.

#3 Frosty the Snowman

And what is a winter without snow and what is snow without snow fights and snowmen? You are probably not surprised that our next winter manicure ideas was inspired by Frosty the Snowmen. So, if you also are much into snow and snowmen, then you can try out this manicure idea.

You need to pain your nails in some base color. We have chosen light metallic blue, but you could use other ones. Then, when the nail polish has dried out, you can start drawing Frosty. It would be best if you draw it only on one of your nails. You will need, of course, some white nail polish.

Start by drawing one white circle that needs to reach the tip of your nail. Then draw a smaller white circle on top of the first one. And voila, the base of Frosty is done. Then draw three small dots for the buttons of the snowman, and two black dots for its eyes.

It is important not to forget to draw its nose. For that purpose you will need some orange nail polish. Do it as if you are drawing an orange triangular. It will be also good i

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