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How many times have you looked at a dress in a magazine or pictures of celebrities wearing gorgeous clothes, no matter whether they are dresses, shirts or skirts, and you have been wanting to buy the same thing, but all of it was just in vain. Neither your local stores, nor the online shops offer exactly what you want. So, what you decide to do is to sew these clothes by yourself. After all who will best know what kind of clothes exactly you want better than you? But today we will not teach you how to sew clothes, but how to make one of the most essential props in sewing clothes – mannequins. Do not worry, it is not that difficult as it may sound. You will take your own measurements and the clothes you make will fit you like a glove.

Here is what you will need:

Duct tape

A pair of scissors

Two pillows (which you will no longer use)

Stretch foil

An old white t-shirt you will no longer wear

A stand for the mannequin

If there is a person who can help you with this job will be easier for you, so ask a member of your family or a friend for a little help.

  • First, put on the white t-shirt.
  • Then get the foil and wrap it around your neck. Every single part of your chest and your neck that the shirt does not cover should be covered with the foil. Make sure you do this, unless you want a rash or a lot of pain after you apply the duct tape.
  • Now get the duct tape. What you will do with it is to wrap all of your body step by step, as it is shown in the picture.
  • First wrap your body with the duct tape once under your breasts. Then make a neckline with two pieces of duct tape around your neck and covering the first line of tape you placed under your breasts. Then use these two lines as a center of the tape wrapping around your body. Make sure you cover every single piece of the t-shirt, right up to your hips. And do not apply duct tape on your skin. Believe me, it will hurt.
  • Once you are covered tightly with the tape, cut it where the middle of your back is. Yes, this includes the t-shirt as well.
  • Take the tape/shirt off. And connect again the line you cut with some duct tape.
  • Get the pillow stuffing from the two pillows and fill in the mannequin with it.
  • Attach the mannequin to a stand and you are ready to use it!


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