DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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With the coming of the sweetest months of the year, February, people start to get nervous about St. Valentine’s Day. Single people start complaining about how stupid this holiday is and how nobody should celebrate it, while couple start to think of gift ideas for their partners. And what sort of present to give to someone when you feel like they have all the things they need?

The solution is simple – give them something you did yourselves. This way you will not have to spend a lot of money on the gift, it will be unique and specifically made for this person. If you are already into this idea, check out the gift ideas we have prepared, which may inspire you.

#1 Kisses in a frame

Here is a very sweet idea for a present. You can either give it to your boyfriend or even your dad for father’s day. In this case, of course, you would want to change a thing or two. Basically the gift is leaving your lip marks on a white piece of paper and putting it in a frame. You can use different kinds of lipstick and scatter your kisses everywhere around the paper. You can even write down something personal in between the kisses.

#2 Food bouquets

We know that men are not into romantic stuff. They prefer to pop up a beer and to sit in front of the TV watching a football game, for example. That is why we suggest that you give your boyfriend a bouquet. No, not a bunch of flowers, but a food bouquet. Get his favorite foods, like snacks, chips, even a box of chocolates and wrap them all together with some red ribbon. It will probably take you some time to arrange all the foods, but when you see the smile on his face, it will all be worth it.

#3 Personalized beer bottles

Speaking of men being not very romantic, here is another creative idea that will appeal to your partner and will still bring some of the St. Valentine’s Day romantic spirit. If your partner loves drinking beer, you can give them a special present – personalized beer bottles. What you can do is just to put new labels on top of the old ones, but with some personalized wishes, like some personal joke of yours, or something else that would appeal to him.

#4 Balloon Chandelier

There are a lot of things you can make using balloons for Valentine’s Day. One of the ideas we have in mind is balloon chandelier. What you need to do is get a few heliumballoons which you need to wrap around candles to make the room more romantic. You can also write on the balloons the reasons why you love this person. The more you use, the better. You only need to be careful with the candles. If you do not want to use fire, you can hold the balloons to pictures of yours and again to write on them something personal.

#5 Decorate the room with flour hearts

Yes, you have read it right, it really says flour hearts. If you have a garden, it will be even better to decorate it with these hearts, but you can also do it at home, because flour is easily washable. Just cut down a piece of paper in the shape of a heart, put it on the floor and all you have left to do is to sprinkle the heart with flour. When you remove the mold, you will have cute white hearts on your floor. Creative and easy to execute.

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