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If you are not a big fan of sewing, then you are going to find this tutorial truly amazing! The gorgeous design of this DIY cute ribbon top a must-do if you wish to introduce a princess-like look into your wardrobe! The best thing about this particular top is that you can match it with any type of clothing, jewellery or shoes! The steps below are very simple, easy and straightforward, so let’s see what it takes to create unique piece of clothing that reflects your own style. You will only need an oversized sleeveless top and a nice, wide ribbon in matching colour. Now let’s get started!



Step 1: First, lay the top on a flat surface. Grab your ribbon and run it through the back straps of the top. If it is difficult for you to guide the ribbon through, simply put a safety pin on each end.

Step 2: Second, Wrap the ribbon and pull up tightly to gather the back straps together. Before you proceed, check if both ends of the ribbon are even on each side. If not, readjust the ends of the ribbon accordingly.

Step 3: Third, wrap the ribbon again for a better grab. Then, tie the ribbon and pull the two loop ends to create an even bow. If your ribbon is too long, you can trim the edges after the bow is tied.

Now you have a great top embellished with an elegant lace ribbon! You can complete your cute outfit with a denim skirt, flat ballerinas and a nice piece of jewellery. Here is a handy tip: if you want to wash the top in the washing machine, make sure you remove the ribbon off the top. Another way to wash it is to buy a safe washing laundry bag and put your ribbon top inside!

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