Different Ways to Wear Your Summer Clothes in the Fall

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Every season is a fashion inspiration. One could wear a lot of different outfits suitable for the season and to feel good and stylish in them. Unfortunately, this often involves spending money on new clothes in order to match the current trends in fashion. So, what to do if you are trying to save money or you do not have the money needed to buy new seasonal clothes? I say, work with what you have got!

There are probably lots of clothes in your wardrobe you can adjust for the current season, especially summer clothes. You can actually match them in such a way that you will both wear them for one more season and you will also save yourself a lot of expenses. To inspire you to do that, we have prepared for you some ideas about wearing your summer clothes in the fall as well. Check them out and try them yourself!

#1 Pantyhose or leggings under your dress

There is one summer fashion item women love and this is dresses. They are very feminine, they keep you cool and could easily match any body type. If you want, you can actually continue wearing your summer dresses in the fall as well. You just need to cover the parts of your body that are bare, like your legs, arms, and shoulders.

You could put on some pantyhose under the dress and wear it with flats instead of sandals. As for the upper part of your body, you could put a blazer on top to warm up your shoulders, arms, and back. It is pretty easy to do it, it will not cost you much or any money, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy summer a little longer this way.

#2 Bare shoulders top with a blouse underneath

Another very useful way to wear your summer clothes in the fall as well is simply put another piece of clothing under them. In this case you could wear a fitted blouse under a top with bare shoulders. If the top is, for example, in black, you could pick a blouse in white. Or if the top is in any other color, you could wear it with a black blouse under it.

This way there will be a contrast between the colors and you will look fashionable in it. The easiest part is that, apart from your summer tops, you will need a couple of ordinary blouses to make your top part of the outfit look cool. It is cheap, easy, and fashionable at the same time.

#3 Put on a cardigan or a scarf

The next thing you could try if you want to continue wearing your summer clothes in the fall is to put on a cardigan on top so it keeps you warm. If you are not much into cardigans, you could do the same with a long thick scarf.

You could continue wearing your summer clothes, like a top and a pair of jeans or some dress, and on top of them put a cardigan or a scarf. This way you will protect your upper body from the chilly weather and, as a matter of fact, you will still look fabulous especially if you match the clothes well.

Here is an example, you could wear a short-sleeve dress with a knee length in grey or white color. You could match it with some sneakers. And then put on top a long cardigan in a complementing color, a darker one again in grey, or in blue. If you decide to go for the scarf, make sure it is a long and thick one as well.

#4 Try boho style layering

The next outfit idea is probably my favorite one because I like boho style. It can be very useful, especially at times like these when you are wondering how to match your summer clothes with the coming fall. You could try layering which is specific for boho outfits.

Here is an example: you could put on some of your summer dresses with a knee-length and wear them with pantyhose. Then put a sweater on top, which surely need not be very thick but rather a thin autumn one.

You also need to make sure you match the colors. This way if the dress is in warm colors, like red, pink, orange, or beige, you could put on top a sweater in a darker warm color, like wine red or dark brown.

And match the outfit with a pair of long boots. The boots again should not be a winter type, but a fall one. And voila, the outfit is complete, very comfortable and warm at the same time.

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