Different Ways to Wear Scarves This Season

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One of my favorite autumn accessories is definitely a scarf. I love wearing scarves all the year round except the summer since the weather is too hot. When fall comes, so is the wearing of scarves. At this time of the year, they are only items that can make an outfit more stylish one but this does not mean that they will not protect you from the chilly weather a little.

If you are into scarves and you cannot wait for the fall to come in order to put such outfits on, then you could use some of the ideas we have prepared for you today as your inspiration for your scarf-outfits in the fall. Check them out!

#1 Casual Urban Chic

The first of the ideas in our list is suitable for all urban girls who like dressing comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You could wear, for example, a skinny pair of blue jeans with a black, or black and white top. Add a pair of brown boots and brown jacket to the outfit as well.

And the last touch will be the scarf. If you want to make it the central piece of the outfit, you need to choose colors that are both complementary to the outfit and outstanding. You could this way choose a checked scarf in beige, green, and red. Or you could choose only a two-color scarf in dark green and brown.

And you need to do one more thing if you want to make the scarf the central piece of the outfit and it is making sure you choose a long piece of scarf. This way the outfit will be nice and chic and 100% urban one.

#2 A girly outfit with a twist

The next outfit is rather a girly one because of one particular piece of the outfit – the dress. However, the outfit is not the ultimate girly kind of such. It is chic and comfortable and girls with different style preferences can find it sweat and wearable.

The main piece of the outfit is a military green dress. It should be a little loose with above-the-knee length. Since there will be some chilly days during the season, it is best the dress has long sleeves and you wear some pantyhose under the dress.

You could wear the dress with ankle boots in beige color to match the color of the dress and the colors of the season. And when it comes to the scarf, you definitely could wear a long and wide one with this outfit. You could choose one with a rather thick fabric.

As for the colors, you need to make sure you stick to earth colors – brown, green, and yellow, for example, is a nice combination for this outfit, but you could mix it up with some other colors as well. You could even choose blue and make the color combination a fresh one for the season.

#3 Blue jeans and white shirt

The next outfit idea in our list is one of my favorites because it is cute, casual, and one could wear it at work, or when you go shopping. You probably have the main part of the outfit in your wardrobe already.

The main pieces of the outfit are a white shirt and a pair of skinny denim jeans. Tuck the shirt in the jeans and match them with a nice and long scarf. You could choose a loose white shirt instead and you could wear it as a short dress above the jeans.

As for the scarf, there are different color combinations you could choose for it. You could choose only one-color scarf, or it could be a checked one in white, blue, and yellow, for example.

#4 Wear a scarf on your bag

The next outfit idea is rather different from the other ones in the list because the scarf does not require wearing on the neck, but on a bag. You could choose a small piece of bandana scarf and tie it around the handles of your shoulder bag. The color of the scarf should contrast the color of the bag.

If, for example, you wear a black shoulder bag, you could choose a white or black and white scarf to tie around it. Or you could wear an outfit all in black and to tie a red scarf around to make this color contrast. The good thing is that the outfit is easy to put together and at the same time is interesting and chic.

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