Different Outfit Ideas for Wearing a Turtleneck This Season

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Autumn is the season of coziness. When the weather outside is bad, one would simply want to snuggle in their bed with a good book and a cup of nice coffee. When it comes to the clothes one wears in this situation, they are usually thick, especially thick sweaters. And when one needs to go out, they would easily put on some cozy sweater to feel the comfort and warmth of their home.

Today we decided to give you some ideas about wearing a specific type of thick blouse this autumn – a turtleneck. You will not only feel your body warm and comfy, but your neck will be protected from the cold weather.

#1 Grey and White

The first outfit in our list is all about two colors which can match any season – white and grey. They are a great match and at the same time look very sophisticated and elegant. You can wear a white cashmere turtleneck that is not too wide but not too fitted as well. Such kind of turtlenecks are very elegant and are suitable for working environments.

You can match the turtleneck with a long light grey pencil skirt. If you are wondering what kind of fabric to choose for the skirt, it would be best if you choose some thicker one, like wool. Besides, such kind of fabrics are perfect for the season and they will keep you warm. You could match the outfit with some ankle boots.

#2 All in black

The next outfit idea with a turtleneck is a very simple and at the same time elegant. When a person is wearing an outfit that is all in black, they show class and the whole outfit looks expensive.

You can wear a long black woolen turtleneck with a pair of fitted black pants. They could jeans if you want to have a slightly more casual look to your outfit, or they could be even leather pants.

You could wear the outfit with a pair of black boots that can be about a calf-length. This outfit is perfect for the season and you could wear it to work, or when you go shopping, or to other daytime activity.

#3 A beige coat for a sophisticated look

The color beige is a very sophisticated one, especially if you match it well with other colors. If you choose to wear a beige coat, it can make your outfit look much more expensive and elegant. You can match your beige coat with an outfit in black and white. This way you will complete the sophisticated and elegant look.

You can wear a white turtleneck, which is rather fitted, with a pair of skinny black jeans. You can wear with the outfit some high heels and they could be in beige to match the color of the coat, but this is not necessary, of course. As for the bag you need for the outfit, you can choose black – a classy and elegant color that matches the color of the pants.

#4 Add a pop of red

The first three outfits in our list were in neutral and dark colors which are all suitable for the current season. However, every once in a while a person can wear some more colorful piece of clothing even in the autumn. In this case your turtleneck can be the piece of clothing that is more colorful. We have chosen red for this purpose.

You can wear a red turtleneck with black or white pants. You can choose the white ones this time, because they will make your outfit even fresher. Make sure your pants are fitted but if you like the top cannot be and it can be a bit loose. As for the rest of the outfit, you can wear some clutch bag and a pair of high heels, just make sure they are not in an entirely similar color.


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