Different Fashion Ideas of Wearing a Suit to Work

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Nowadays women become more and more successful in the business area. They work really hard and climb the ladder of success with the help of their commitment and determination. We know that every modern woman is capable of handling any stress and problems in the working environment and she needs to look good as well while she is doing it.

Today we have prepared for you some outfit suggestions to all of you, business ladies. We have prepared different outfit ideas with suits for the office. You can use them as your inspiration for your next office outfits. Hope you like them!

#1 Grey for success

Grey is one of the colors which is perfect for a business environment because it is a mature and a little strict color. It shows that a person is determined and ready to do their job. And that is why the first of out outfit suggestions is inspired by this color.

You can wear a grey suit to work consisting of fitted grey blazer and fitted smart pairs both in the same grey color. Make sure you do not choose a hue that is too dark, a lighter grey hue will do a perfect job.

But this is not everything about this outfit. The accessories can help it become less strict and still so business-oriented. You can wear this outfit with white shirt underneath the blazer and blue stiletto shoes.

The color of the shoes will work as a charm. It will help the outfit look fashionable, stylish, and cool. And speaking of blue, here is our next outfit.

#2 All in blue

The color blue has always been connected to men. When a baby boy is born, all of its clothes are in blue, for example. And since nowadays women climb the ladder of success as fast as men, and sometimes better and faster than them, an independent business woman can wear a suit in blue to show that not only men can deal with the business world.

For example, a woman could wear a suit in blue, not too dark but neither too light, consisting of a coat and a pair of pants. The coat could be fitted, but the pants could be a little loose, or even bell-bottom trousers. They are both fashionable and suitable for the office.

One could match them with a black shirt and black stiletto shoes. If you have chosen a somewhat colorful suits, like this one, it is better to choose accessories in not so over-the-top colors, like black. You could also match the blue color with some golden jewelries, or even a golden watch which would be perfect for the business environment.

#3It is all about the accessories

The next outfit idea we have chosen is not so much about the suit which is, of course, the main part of the outfit, but it is rather focused on the accessories. You can, for example, wear a suit that is not so smart. You could wear dark blue, or black elasticated trousers with a fitted blazer in the same color.

As you can see the very outfit does not stand out too much but this is sometimes a good thing since it is for the office. If you wear such an outfit, however, you could focus on the accessories and make them the central piece of the outfit.

If you decide to wear jewelries with it, make sure you do not wear earrings. It is best to focus on the rings, one or two would be enough. You can also wear a thick scarf in some dark color which will keep you warm, but it will also give a nice fashionable touch to the outfit.

You can also wear this outfit with some dark sunglasses on the cold sunny days. And this time you can choose whether to wear stiletto shoes, or to wear some oxford shoes with it. They will make the outfit smarter but still fashionable.

#4 Purple for all the feminists

The next outfit color is inspired by the color of all feminists – purple. The reason for this color to become a symbol of the feminist movement is because it is the end color of mixing red, which is considered to be the color of women, and blue, which is considered to be the color of men. As a result, purple appears.

If you want to show determination and the fact that you could deal with business life as good as men, you could wear purple to express your motivation. You could wear some dark purple suit of a fitted short coat and some fitted smart pants. It the hue is not too light it will be better for the purpose of the outfit.

You could match it with accessories in a different than the purple color, like black or golden. They will both match purple well.

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