Delicious Summer Salad Recipe with Chicken

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Summer is the reason when people watch what they eat very carefully firstly because they want to lose some weight during the summer, or at least not to gain any extra weight during the season and secondly because it is too hot to eat rich food that will make you feel super full and bloated. This is why people mainly prefer to have salads in the summer months which is actually great since they are healthy, delicious and not fattening.

Today we have prepared for you a delicious summer salad recipe with chicken that will satisfy your appetite and at the same time will make you feel energized and fresh as a cucumber. And yes, pun was intended. So, here are the recipes you definitely should try before summer ends.

Honey Chicken Salad


4 chicken thighs
¼ cup of bacon
3 tablespoons of water
1 cup of cherry tomatoes
1 red onion
1 avocado
1 lettuce
1/3 cup of honey
¼ cup of mustard, Dijon
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
salt to taste
black pepper to taste


Step 1

First you need to prepare the dressing for the salad. Get a bowl and pour in it the honey. Then add the mustard and the olive oil. After that you need to chop the garlic cloves very thinly and then add them into the bowl with the honey mixture.

Add some salt to your taste, more or less a teaspoon. And then add some black pepper again to your taste. The quantity of it should be as much as the one of the salt. Then get a fork and mix all the ingredients in the bowl well. Make sure the mixture is evenly seasoned.

Step 2

Now you need to get a baking tin and to put in it the four chicken thighs. Get the honey-mustard mixture and pour half of it on top of the chicken thighs. Make sure you spread it evenly on the chicken and then using your hands spread the sauce on the bottom part of the thighs as well. Cover the tin with some cooking foil and put it in the fridge for some time in the fridge.

Step 3

Get the chicken thighs out of the oven and get a pan. Heat it on the hotplate and then put the thighs to stir-fry them a little until they turn brown. If you are using a non-stick pan, then there is no need to add extra olive oil. Turn the thighs on the other side to stir-fry them as well. Once the chicken is nicely cooked, remove the pan from the hotplate.

Step 4

Now you need to cook the bacon. Cut it into small pieces. Then put it in a pan and stir-fry it. Since the bacon contains a lot of fat, there is no need to add some extra. Heat the bacon and its fat will start melting. This will allow you to stir-fry the bacon nicely. Stir it from time to time until it starts sizzling.

Then continue stirring constantly until the bacon is nicely cooked. Remove the pan from the hotplate and take the bacon pieces from the melted fat. You can also drain them a little.

Step 5

Now get the half left dressing with the mustard and the honey and add three tablespoons of water into the mixture. And then stir it nicely.

Step 6

Wash the vegetables. Chop the onion, cut the cherry tomatoes into halves and tear the lettuce into pieces which can be smaller or bigger depending on your preferences. Then get the avocado and add the flesh in the bowl. You can cut it into pieces as well. After that add the cooked bacon and the chicken thighs. You also need to cut the chicken thighs into pieces before putting it into the bowl.

Step 7

Pour the honey dressing over the ingredients in the bowl and mix everything well so it is seasoned evenly. Once you finish with this, it will be time to serve the salad. Enjoy your meal!

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