Cute and Romantic Spring Date Ideas

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When the weather gets warmer people start falling in love. Maybe this has to do with one’s nature and the fact that spring stimulates hormones in a way, or with the fact that the blooming nature makes people more romantic and willing to start dating again. Whatever the reason is, we also like spring and the romantic mood that creates in people.

Today we were inspired by the great weather and decided to share with you some interesting date ideas for the spring. If you are wondering where to take your date next, then these ideas may inspire your decision. Check them out! ‘

#1 Watch the sun rising

The first of our ideas is for those couples who are quite romantic and do not mind waking up early in the morning. One of the unforgettable dates for both people will surely be watching the sun rise together. You may wake up your partner, decide on a suitable place where you would have a nice view to the east, and watch the sun rise cuddling together.

You may prepare some hot beverages to keep you warm and still do not forget your warm clothes for the cool morning. But still this kind of date would be an unforgettable one and quite a romantic one, so have it in mind.

#2 Have a picnic

Another interesting date for this time of the year is simply having a picnic with your partner. Your relationship may still be a fresh one and you can go to the park to have a picnic together. You may have cooked something special for your date and this way you can get closer through the old-fashion way, without modern technologies.

You will also get in touch with the nature, even if the picnic is at your local park, and you will get the chance to really talk to each other and have some intimate and private time enjoying your food and your company. And speaking of nature, here is our next suggestion.

#3 Have a walk in the rain

Spring time is popular with its numerous rains, so instead of feeling bad about this kind of weather, why do not you and your partner have a romantic walk in the rain? You can cuddle under an umbrella and even leave the umbrella aside to have some fun time getting wet and even running and singing in the rain.

This kind of date may sound a bit strange, but it could be a pretty fun one if both people are in a mood to try it and are not afraid to get a little wet. After all, there are a lot of interesting romantic love stories that begin in the rain, right?

#4 Study the stars

Another typical romantic activity is gazing at the stars at night. Spring time can offer couples cloudless nights suitable for such an activity. But if you want to make it special and not so much taken-out-of-a-book, then you may add a couple of things to it. You may observe the stars with a telescope. You may also study the stars and tell your partner the name of the constellations.

Or you could combine 2 dates at one time. Why do not you observe the stars and have a picnic? You may bring some good wine and delicacies. This way you will create a romantic date. Most girls would find it very sweet, even if some may say it is cheesy. It shows real interest and desire to make your partner feel good and special.

#5 Go to the zoo

This date may be considered to be a traditional one, but think about the number of people that still go to the zoo when they are on a date. Do you think it is that big? Probably not, because such traditional kinds of dates, like going to the zoo, attending a fair, and even going to the drive-in, are a little forgotten.

There is nothing wrong with being a traditionalist, especially if you mix modern and traditional dates from time to time. And the spring weather is a perfect one for a visit at the zoo, or other outdoor activities. Do not hesitate to try the out. Spring is the ideal time for that.

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