Cute and Creepy Ideas for Your Halloween Treats

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Since it is October a lot of people who are fans of the most popular holiday of the month have already started preparations for it. The most important thing to prepare for the Halloween party is, of course, the costume. However, this does not mean that we should neglect the decorations and, of course, the treats.

If you are planning to have a party in your home for Halloween, then you will need some ideas for the decoration and the treats. Today we have decided to give you some cool, interesting, and, of course, creepy ideas for Halloween treats that will be a great part of your party. Check them out!

#1 Pumpkin punch

There should not be a Halloween party without the traditional pumpkin lanterns. So, why do not you use the rest of the pumpkin for some treats as well? You could make a pumpkin punch. For it you will need:


12 cups of water
2 cups of brown sugar
3 ½ cups of pumpkin, peeled
2 limes
some pineapple chunks, apple chunks, or other fruits
cinnamon sticks
rum (optional)


Get a pot and pour the water and the brown sugar in it. Add the cinnamon sticks. Heat the mixture at medium temperature. Let the brown sugar dissolve completely. Then add the pumpkin and stir all the ingredients well.

Let the mixture simmer and at the same time remove the lemon zest from the peels. Add it into the mixture and stir well again. Cook it for about 15 minutes. When the time is up, remove the pot from the hot plate and let it cool.

You can then put it in the fridge, or simply pour it in a bowl filled with ice. Then add the pieces of fruits you have chosen to add in the punch and the rum and mix them all well. Serve each cup of punch with a cinnamon stick and some fruit pieces.

DIY a Pumpkin Bowl
If you want to make your pumpkin punch even more interesting, then here is another idea you can try. You will need a big pumpkin. Cut about a third part of the pumpkin at top part of it as if you will be making a lantern.

Then remove the inner part of the pumpkin, the pulp. And as a result, you will have a big pumpkin bowl. Put the bowl with the punch inside it and voila, you are ready. You will have a really authentic Halloween pumpkin punch bowl.

Healthy treats

The next idea which may inspire you for your Halloween is very easy and much healthier than most of the Halloween treats. Why do not you use fruits instead of chocolates and candies for your treats? You will have the freedom to use your creativity and to make them look like real Halloween treats. Here are two ideas that you may use.

Banana Ghosts
The first one is to use bananas to make ghosts. What you need to do is to peel the banana and to cut it in half horizontally. Then put two small chocolate chips on the pointy part of the banana to make eyes, and then get a bigger and round chocolate chip for the mouth.

The pointy part of the banana and the round chocolate chip for the mouth of the ghost will do the most job. And your ghost will then be ready. You can buy a kilo of bananas and you will be able to make almost an army of banana-ghosts. Arrange them in a plate, or the way you prefer.

Pumpkin tangerines

If you want to have some pumpkin treats for the people who are not big fans of the taste of pumpkins, then you can try this easy and healthy idea. Make pumpkins of tangerines. The only thing you will need to do is to get some tangerines and peel them. Then get some celery sticks and stick one into the center of a tangerine, where the leaves of the tangerines are. And this way you will make mini pumpkins that do not taste like pumpkins at all. You can get a kilo or more of tangerines and to arrange them on the table the way you want.

Spider eggs

The name of this treat may not sound that delicious, but it is again a healthy treat that is easy to be made and it is in the spirit of the holiday. These are appetizers made of olives and boiled eggs, but look like spiders. Here is how to make them.

You need boil the eggs first. Then cut them in halves vertically and remove the yolks and put them in a separate bowl. Then mash the yolks using a fork, or another tool you have in a reach. Then add a spoonful of mayonnaise and a spoonful of mustard. Mix them well and the paste is ready.

Then you need to fill the boiled egg whites with the yolk paste. When all the eggs are filled with the paste it is time to make the spiders. Get the black olives and cut them in halves again vertically. Remove the seed and cut the olive pieces in crescent ones this time horizontally. These pieces will be used for the legs of the spiders.

Now put a whole black olive, preferably with the seed removed, on top of the yolk-paste-filled egg whites and add the legs (the crescent olive pieces) – 4 on each side. Do the same with the rest of the eggs. And voila, your spider eggs are ready.

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