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I already can smell the Christmas cookies, I can feel the chilly snowflakes, melting on my cheeks, I can see the colorful lights, coming out of every window, and all these things are bumping my Christmas mood. And when my Christmas mood arrives, I turn everything in lights and decorations. This year I will start with the Christmas transformation with my nails, meet the Christmas tree nail art:

No matter how euphoric you are, don’t forget about the preparation of the nails, which includes:

  1. Shaping and filing the nails. Choose a nail shape that will suit perfectly the nail decoration. I think that the square, short shape will work best for this nail art. File the tips of the nails and smooth the edges, make the curves soft and curly.
  2. Primer application. The preparation procedure requires the application of a primer too. Always do that step when you want to apply dark colored nail polish. The primer not only prevents staining (nail yellowing), but also helps to remove the nail polish afterwards. So, you can use as a primer your top coat nail polish, your nail strengthener or just a transparent nail polish. Of course, you can buy from the beauty store a base coat nail polish. Remember to wait long enough until the primer coat dries out completely.
  3. The preparation procedure is finished, now we have to move on with the decoration part:
  4. Apply a basic color. Here is used traditional red nail polish with a hint of a golden glitter. But I applied only golden glitter on my nails, as little stars on the sky above the Christmas tree. So, the background is your decision. Let that layer dries out too.
  5. Now you will need two pieces of regular tape and several thin decorating tape strips. Stick the tape pieces in order to create a triangle shape on the nail. Then stick the thin strips, they will create the effect of the tree decorating garlands. Then paint over the tape and the strips, green glitter nail polish. Wait a few seconds and remove carefully the strips and the tape pieces.
  6. Add some finishing notes by dotting bright colors on the tree as decorating ornaments, also use golden nail polish for the star on the top of the Christmas tree.
  7. Must-do step is the application of a top coat. It will save the decoration longer.

This is really detailed nail decoration and you’d better apply it only on your ring finger.
Have fun!
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