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Classic Closet Essentials You Can Spend a Lot...


Fashion is constantly changing, and it is extremely hard to keep up with the...

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What your underwear says about your personality


There were not so many different kinds of underwear in the past as there are...

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How to clean and store your leahter jacket


Probably every woman in a certain point in her life invests in the perfect...

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How to Make the Most of Your Closet...


One of the biggest paradoxes in a woman’s life is indeed the sentence...

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The Ultimate Guidelines for a Basic Closet


Fashion is one of the most accessible ways to express yourself: you do not need...

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The Coats Every Woman Should Have


If you haven‘t noticed yet, winter is coming! Although we have several more...

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The Best Pairs of Shoes to Own


We have all seen multiple lists of the basic staple items each woman needs to...

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The Perfect Wedding Dress


The wedding dress is an important piece of the whole Big day preparation....

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