Your closet

Spring Cleaning of the Closet


Spring is the time to clean out our lives from the winter clutter and that...

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Wardrobe Essentials For the Spring


Spring is here. Or at least we know about its arrival. Some places the weather...

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Clothing Tips For The Forbidden Age


I know that it seems far, far away, but one day we all will turn 30 years old...

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Fashion Tips For Ladies in a Relationship


No matter in a relationship or not a woman should always take care of herself...

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Your closet


The Ultimate Basics for a Female Wardrobe


Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and wondered how come you have so...

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Your Outfit As a Secret Weapon For Your...


Your outfit is the cover of your character. Your clothes show your sense of...

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How To Dress If You Have Wide Hips


  It is not absolutely necessary to have the body measurements of Adriana...

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10 Rules You Must Observe When You Wear...


Leggings are very comfortable and as a plus they are very fashionable lately....

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How to Spot Trends


Probably you have realized that in the world of fashion, as in every industry,...

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Basics Every Working Girl Should Own


If you are a working girl you know the Monday morning drill – all you want...

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