Casual Outfit Ideas to try This Weekend

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Weekends are the days of the week when a person can wear whatever they want because it is their time off. And since all week long people are wearing smart clothes for work and they are trying to look their best with their most sophisticated clothes, at the weekend they can take a break from all of this and wear some more comfortable and casual clothes.

This, of course, does not mean that casual looks could not be pretty. On the contrary, women can wear comfortable clothes and look attractive as well. Think of all the celebrities whose paparazzi pictures look great when they are in their casual outfits.

Today we decided to be casual and comfortable as well as pretty. And that is why we decided to share with you some casual outfit ideas perfect for the weekend, or for one’s free time. Check them out!

#1 Skirt with sneakers

Personally, I love high heels, but I hardly wear them because they are very uncomfortable to me. That is why I prefer flats and sneakers which look cool and are very comfortable as well. Some people think that is they wear sneakers or trainers, they need to wear tracksuit as well. And that dresses and skirts look good only when they are worn with high heels.

Since we do not like stereotypes, we also do not like to have only 1 option when we choose our outfits. In fact, sneakers can look great with pencil skirt as well. Here is an outfit you could try if you like this idea!

As we mentioned, we have chosen pencil skirt for this outfit that is a little bit above the knee and is in nice light color, like gray, or beige if you prefer. Match the skirt with some black top and some leather jacket for the cooler part of the day.

And last, but not least, you should not forget your most comfortable white sneakers and your positive mood. You can choose other colors for the sneakers as well if you prefer, but white will stand out and will look fresh and cool.

#2 Black and white

The next outfit we have prepared for you as a casual weekend wear is inspired by the traditional black and white combination. Of course, our suggestion will be more casual and comfortable than some sophisticated ones.

We start with the top part of the outfit for which we have chosen again a simple top, but this time with some saying on it. The one you could choose is a white top with black saying on it, or the other way round.

Match the top with some skinny black jeans and white sneakers and voila, your outfit will be complete. You can choose some loose top to add some more casualness to the outfit. And you can also add some accessories, like black sunglasses. You could add some watch to the outfit as well, or other accessories that you find suitable.

#3 Olive

The next outfit idea is inspired by a special color which is quite a hit this year. This is a green hue called olive. It is light pastel green color which looks flattering to all kinds of skin complexion and hair. It does not matter if you are fair or dark, you will look good in olive green outfit.

The main color of this outfit will be olive and you could choose to match it either with black, or with white. We will give you suggestions for the two of them.

So, the first one is to choose an olive pair of pants, you could choose some more casual one, like olive pair of jeans.

Match ti with a white loose top and white pair of sneakers. You could also add some golden accessories to the outfit. You could also choose dark brown accessories, bracelets to match the outfit with.

The next idea is to wear only accessories in olive. For example, you could wear an olive floppy hat, perfect for the spring season. If you think that floppy hats are not as casual as you would like to look, then you could choose a cap instead. It will make the outfit much more sporty.

Match it with olive sneakers, or flats if you prefer. For the main part of the outfit you can choose blue pair of jeans, black top and black leather jacket. You can be sure that you will look gorgeous in this color.

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