Book And Newspaper Interior Decorations

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There are days when you just can’t find anything for doing. You are not in a mood for going out of the house. It is clean and you have your favorite pasta in the oven, already cooked and ready for dinner. You are all alone at home and if I were in your shoes, the first thing that pops in my mind is to do that so long wanted decoration of my home.
These days, it’s very fashionable to make all kinds of stuff on your own – the DIY projects are a real trend. I can tell you that I’ve made all by myself many crafting projects, such as clothes, picture wall decorations, frames for pictures, Christmas additional gifts and many others. One of the best reasons for doing these stuffs is that they are unique, and another great reason is that almost every time the results are very satisfying.

Today I want to make some suggestions for interior decorations made by old (by old I mean damaged or unused) books and newspapers. Decorating your home with words is bringing the sense of very intelligent people who live in that house. My advice is to choose a certain style and to follow it while you go through the decorations and the designs. All that I’ll do is to guide you with ideas, which will work as inspiration, not as certain tasks. Take a look:

The most famous idea that you could find all over the internet is a wall, covered with book pages or newspaper pages. It’s not hard to be done and the choice of the pages depends on you. You can decorate the wall that is behind your most comfortable and cozy reading chair. You will be able to personalize it, by choosing favorite pages and you can highlight your favorite quotes. I would do it this way: stick the pages to the wall with a wallpaper glue and then I would bold up my favorite words, quotes and parts of those pages with red, permanent fine-tipped pen. Then I will wait it to dry out and I will cover the pages with another thin layer of the wallpaper glue. If you like the idea, but you don’t want to do that on the whole wall, you can create a build in wall frame. Stick some pages at the center of the wall and then, nail into the wall a wooden frame, without the glass. It will look really vintage and art.

But there are many other uses of the pages of those old books and newspaper. You can decorate the night stand lamp, or you can make a pencil holder for your desk by folding an old phone book. The options are infinite as long as you have the time and the creative ideas for creating such a project.
If the result from your DIY work turn out to be extremely beautiful and gorgeous, I’m sure that you will get mad about the idea of doing decorations on your own. So, come back from time to time and you will find some great ideas for your interior decorations and DIY projects. Have fun!

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