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Of course, that I am talking about your brows. These days everyone wants to have large eyebrows. Trends – no more needed to be said. It is quite obvious that the trends are controlling our styles, but if you are careful enough, you won’t lose your personal style. You should use the trends as guidelines in order to create your personal profile, which will introduce you in front of the rest of the world.

So, today we will talk about eyebrows. You see, on the fashion runaways how the models look, right? These looks are created by famous designers and artists, which are famous because they are geniuses when it comes to fashion. As long as your favorite celebrities are following a certain trend, I think it is safe to apply the same trend for you. Oh, don’t forget to check if the specific trend is matching your whole style, your face, your skin color, etc. Just merge the trend into your style, don’t adjust your style according to the trend. That’s the simple rule that will help you save your fashion personality.

And about the brows, let’s make them bold, thick and large. Here are the tools that you will need for this tutorial:

  • A brow pencil;
  • A flat angles brush;
  • Brow comb or old mascara wand (old, but clean);
  • Highlighter or light concealer;
  • A blending brush.
  1. The first step is to line the bottom edge of the brow with the color  that suits the natural color of your hair.
  2. Then line the top edge, but this time use the flat brush in order to create softer border.
  3. Then fill in the brow with the brush and blend in the edges a little bit with the blending brush.
  4. Highlight the area below the bottom edge of the brow.
  5. Comb the brow with the wand in order to remove any excess color.


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