Benefits of Being in Love

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Love is one of the strongest feelings in the world and probably the best one. A lot of people say and believe that human kind is on this planet to love. Some people say that we feel alive only when we are in love.

Books have been written and songs have been sung about it and there is still a huge interest in this feeling and all of its subsequent outcomes.

Today we also decided to focus on this strong feeling and to see what the benefits of being in love actually are. We have listed for you some of the top ones. So, do not be afraid to fall in love.

#1 You feel happier

The first of the benefits of being in love is probably the most obvious one – happiness. When people are in love they feel happier and more positive about everything in their lives. They are smiling all the time and radiate positive energy. The people around them cannot help but notice the change in their state of being. It is pure happiness.

#2 You have less appetite

Usually when people do not have appetite it is because they are worried about something, or they are sick. However, not all the reasons for loss of appetite are bad. One of them is love.

It is said that loves fills people with emotion and that is why they do not feel hungry. The good thing about it is that people have even more energy and feel better. At the same time they are losing weight, which is often one of women’s biggest desire. So, it works great.

#3 You feel less depressed

Mental illnesses are very common nowadays because of all the stress people go through in the modern-day world. Depression is often the result of this stress.

The good thing is that there is no need for antidepressants if one is in love because all the serotonin one needs to feel happier comes to them from love. That is why when a person is in love does not deal with depression.

#4 You are healthier

The next benefit of love is connected to a person’s health. In fact, all of the things in the list are somewhat connected because when a person is happy and positive, they feel healthier. And thus when a person is in love, they are less likely to catch some kind of cold or the flu, and we all know how unpleasant this is.

When people are in love, their immune system is boosted because they feel less stressed and happier. As a result, they are less likely to catch a cold or the flu.

#5 Your heart is healthier

Have you ever though why people associate love with hearts even though it has been proven that people do not feel love with their hearts, but with their souls and their brain basically? This is probably because one of the bodily organs that benefits a lot from love is the human heart.

Studies have shown that people who are single have bigger chances at having heart problems than those who are married. In fact, there is a 50% more chance for them to suffer from some kind of heart condition.

#6 You heal faster

The next benefit of love is again connected to health, because as I already mentioned, love brings happiness and thus less stress and more positivity in one’s life. The interesting thing about it is that researches show that when people are in love, their bodies heal faster.

For example, if one has some kind of wound, it would heal faster if the person is in love. This feeling is so strong that it cannot only protect you from an illness but it can also heal your body faster if it is hurt.

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