Beautiful Braided Bun with Floral Ornament

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If you think it is too frustrating to search hours and hours for the perfect hairstyle for your hair, don’t panic – you are not alone. This is why this tutorial will show you how to achieve one of the loveliest and most adorable hairstyles – the braided bun! This time you are going to spice up this ordinary hairstyle with a beautiful floral ornament. The style may look complicated but if you follow the steps one at a time, you will find it totally doable. That’s why this tutorial is designed in a way to suit both professionals and those who have no idea what are doing with their hair in front of the mirror. You will find the steps very easy to follow, so let’s see what you need to do.

Step 1: Begin by brushing your hair to remove any tangles and knots. Start this hairstyle by pulling about a quarter of your hair into a loose ponytail at the back of your head, near your crown.

Step 2: Gather the rest of your hair into another ponytail underneath the first one.

Step 3: Braid the two ponytails into regular French braids. Use clear rubber bands to secure the braids when you reach the end. To make the braids look fuller, loosely pull on the edges until each braid become wide and flat.

Step 4: Grab the braid and wrap it over the base of your ponytail. Secure the end with a bobby pin, right underneath the ponytail.

Step 5: Take the other braid and wrap it around the first, sliding bobby pins to keep it secured.

Step 6: Finally, put your beautiful floral ornament at the base of your bun. Now, set your lovely hairstyle with some hairspray and you are done! Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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