Bathroom Inventions Which You Had No Idea That You Needed Until You See Them

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Bathrooms are a special room in one’s home. They are a place not only where people take care of their personal hygiene, but these rooms are also a place where you can be alone, only with your thoughts. If you, for example, live with a lot of people, and you have no privacy, people come and go and could often distract you when you are doing something important. The place where you can go and hide from this chaos is the bathroom. Other people use it as a spa, or at least they should use it as a spa. Imagine nice, relaxing music, candles, nice smell and oils that make your skin soft and smell nice.

In other words, bathrooms are important for our everyday lives, but we are so used to the traditional ways a bathroom can look like, and the things that it may consist of, that we do not even think about all the things that we could add to our bathroom to make it even more comfortable for us. And this is precisely what we will show you today – the things that you can add to your bathroom and you actually needed without realizing it.

Cat house as a cat toilet


Our first suggestion is for those of you who have a cat at home. There are some people who leave the cat toilet on the balcony, so that the smell is not so ostensible. But our suggestion concerns the other people, who have put the cat toilet in their bathroom. Your cat deserves a little privacy as well, so why not make its toilet like your own, with a door, for example, looking like a closet. You may use the flat surface to put some things there as well. And what is more, this will also be stopping the smell. Both practical and cute!

Warm towels when you get out of the bathroom? Mission Possible!


In the winter people tend to take warm baths, especially if they feel cold. But after you come out of the shower, you reach for the towel, and your freshly warmed body touches the cool towel. It is a bit unpleasant moment when you have to match your temperature to that of the towel. And this is where our next idea comes in – warm towels after your bath. All you need to have is a bathroom radiator, which will warm up your bathroom before taking a shower. Just put the towel on it and when you are finished, put the warm towel around you.

Foot stand for shaving


Shaving is one of the quickest ways to remove hair from your legs, and that is why a lot of women still shave their legs. The right time to do it is when you are under the shower. But if you want it to be more comfortable to you while you are shaving, you need some kind of stand where to put your foot so that you do not bend. Admit it that you unconsciously thought about how much more comfortable it would be if you had a stand to put your foot on.

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

Singing under the shower (even under the rain sometimes) is one of the most relaxing activities. It makes the time spend under the shower even more pleasant than it actually is. So, you will probably need a musical background for your singing and dancing (just be careful with the slippery floor). And that is where the waterproof bluetooth comes in, which will play music and will not be ruined by water.

Water dispenser for a bathtub

Sometimes you would want to take a nice relaxing bath, but when you are lying in the warm water and listening to relaxing music, this idyllic satisfaction may be ruined by some foam that gets in your eyes. The worst thing is that the nipping effect may last a few minutes, making your eyes watering. If you want to prevent this from happening, you may just get a water dispenser for your bathtub.

Magnetic soap holder


How many times can you remember dropping your soap on the floor because it was too slippery? And this is not the most annoying thing. The most disgusting thing is that when the soap falls on the floor, it will automatically attract any dirt and hair it falls on, because of its surface. You will either have to clean this soap (which, let me tell you, is not a very pleasant thing to do), or you will have to get a new one. And that is where our suggestion comes in. How about having a magnetic soap holder? It will hold your soap in the place it should be, and you will have the soap in hand whenever you need it. So, it will not fall on the floor even when you are in a hurry.

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