Basic Travel Guide to Canada

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Canada is a popular country but not so much when it comes to going on vacation. Surely, some people from the United States prefer to go there on vacation sometimes when they do not have that much money, or if they do not want to travel that far. Canada is often considered a very cold country and its natural beauty is notorious. So, should a person visit it? Definitely!

Before you go there, you need to learn some things about the country so your stay there is more pleasant and it goes smoothly. We have prepared for you a short but essential guide with some of the most important things you need to know before you visit Canada. Check it out!

#1 Before setting off

Before you set off you need to prepare some important things you will need for your stay in the country, like money and passport. There are also some health preparations that you need to do before you go there.


Starting with the language spoken in the country, it is definitely no secret that English and French are the two official languages. If you do not know French, but you are going to the French-speaking part of the country, I suggest you get yourself a phrasebook. You may need it to translate some signs and so on.


The currency that you need to have before you go to Canada is Canadian dollar. There are a lot of places where you can change money in Canada, especially if you have US dollars but I still suggest you have some with you before you arrive at the country. You will need it before you get to the hotel, or the place you are staying at.


The next important thing people should always be cautious about before they visit a country is the necessary vaccines they need for the place. Luckily, there are no special vaccines that you would need for Canada apart from the standard ones. You still need to have in mind this point when you go to a foreign country.


The last pre-travel part of our guide is again a very important one since you will not be able to enter the country without it. You will need an international passport to enter Canada, which, of course, needs to be valid. There are no visa requirements which makes traveling in the country quite easier.

#2 Best time to visit the country

The next important thing you need to know before you plan your trip to Canada is the exact time of the year that you will visit the country. As I already mentioned, Canada is considered a very cold country since it is quite north in the northern hemisphere.

That is why it is better to avoid visiting the country from November till April if you are not a big fan of the cold weather. But if you like winter sports, then these months are the best time of the year to visit the country.

The warmest months of the year in Canada are July and August. If you like sunny and warm weather and if you want to explore all the natural green beauty of the country, then this time of the year is the most suitable for you.

Canada is also famous for one particular activity, apart from the numerous winter sports, which is whale watching. The best time to have a look at these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is the summer months – from May to September. It is definitely worth it.

#3 Manners

Another important thing people should know before visiting any foreign country is how not to offend the local people. This is why you should have a look at what is acceptable and what is not in the country.


When it comes to Canada and Canadians, you should know that you always need to be on time. Canadians are very punctual people and they do not tolerate lateness as well. That is why you need to make sure nobody is waiting for you there.

Subjects to avoid

In order not to offend some of the local people there, you should avoid talking about certain subjects, like politics and religion. Often even money is included in the group of unacceptable subjects. That is why you should better skip them.

Visiting people

If you end up being invited to somebody’s home, you should never, ever go there empty-handed. A guest is always supposed to bring some kind of gift to the host even if it is something small, like a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers.


When it comes to greeting people, the most formal and common way to do it is a handshake. If you are in Quebec, however, do not get surprised if a person greets you by kissing you on the cheeks starting with the left one first. This is a bit more informal, though, and it is a usual way to great friends mainly.

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