Are You in a Serious Relationship? Find It out According to These Signs

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Nowadays is not such an easy task to find out if you are in a relationship with a person, or if you are only fooling around and spending some good time together. People are sometimes even embarrassed to ask the other person about their relationship and how it is going so that they do not scare the other person, or appear like fools in their eyes.

Well, if you are also in such a situation and do not know how your relationship is going, then you may have a look at these signs of serious relationships. And if your relationship has them, then you can be sure your relationship will last.

#1 You respect his family

If you know his family and you actually get along with them, then you can calm down. This is definitely a good sign. First of all, men do not easily let their girlfriends meet their mothers and family as a whole, so if he has already done this, then your relationship is going well.

What is even better in these cases is to get along with them. Surely you will not feel the same way about his family as you feel about yours, but this does does not mean that you will not feel good when being with them.

Sometimes people do not realize it, but their partner’s family may play an important role in their relationship, so the best thing you can do is to get along with these people.

#2 You go to bed together

Believe it or not, going to bed at the same time your partner does can help bring you closer. It is not important that you are not having some long conversations, or that you are not kissing each other throughout the whole time. The important thing is that you feel the other person’s presence and their touch even. You can hug them, or just grab their hand if you feel the urge to do it.

And this is actually very sweet and really helps build up your relationship even when you are not realizing it. So, if you are already going this, then you can take a breath of relief. Yes, your relationship is going in a good direction.

#3 You do not stress over the fact that he has not yet answered your text

In the early stages of some relationships people wonder if the other person is really interested in them or not. And they are often obsessed with the time when they are going to receive back a text from them. “He has not texted me this morning, then this means he is not interested in me” is a typical thought that goes through some women’s minds in a certain stage of their relationships.

If you are not one of them and do not care about which one of you is going to text first, or whether he is not texting you back right away, then this means that you feel comfortable with your partner and trust them. This is a sure sign that your relationship is going well and there is nothing to worry about.

#4 The thought of reading your partner’s messages does not go through your mind

The people who are not sure about the feelings of their partner for them may consider the idea of checking their partner’s messages for some suspicious ones. If this idea has not even popped in your mind at all, this means that you fully trust your partner. And what better thing than being sure about their feelings for you without even realizing it at times?! So, you can simply congratulate yourself on the trustworthy relationship you have.

#5 You do not try to change your partner, neither he does

This is an important moment in one’s relationship. You have probably heard a lot of stories about people complaining about their partner’s habits. They are trying to change them, but their partner does not take this thing well and in the end they may even break up.

If you and your partner do not have such intentions to change one another, then you can be sure your relationship is going well. You like this person the way they are and you feel good even about their minor flaws. This definitely shows that your relationship is going to last.

#6 You feel comfortable with each other even when not talking

It does not matter whether this is about love relationships, friendships, or family relationships, if you and the person you are with feel comfortable with each other even when you are silent, then this means your relationship is a strong one. This means that there is not awkward silence between you and this is a sign of comfort and unity. This could be the only sign of the bunch your relationship has, but it is definitely a strong one. Your relationship is going well.

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