Amazing Secret Places Most Tourists Do Not Know about

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Nowadays there is a lot of information people can find in the internet. It almost seems that there is nothing that is a secret anymore. People can travel to every point of the world quite easily. However, there are still a lot of places which are not that popular among tourists. It is even said that there are so pretty because there are not that many tourists who go there and the places are kept untouched. So, if you want to go to a place which is not so full of tourists and the nature there is breathtaking, then you definitely should consider visiting the places we have listed for you today.

#1 Garajonay National Park, Canary Islands

Canary Islands are a place that is well-known among tourists, but they visit it mainly for the amazing beaches there and not for the National Park Garajonay. If you like nature and you have always wondered what would it be like to go to a jungle or to visit a forest with unusual flora and fauna, this place can make your wish come true.

The good thing about it is that it is safe to go there. The nature is simply stunning and one could get the feeling that there are in some jungle. There are still not that many tourists who go there, so it will be quite and calm.

#2 Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is not a kind of lake that people have not heard about. In fact, it is famous because it holds 20% of all the sweet water in the world. But still people do not consider it as one of the destinations that they would go to if they have plenty of time.

The perfect time of the year to visit it is probably summer because the weather will be warm and you will have a chance to enjoy the nature there better. You will have the chance to see some unique plant and animal species. And one of the things that can impress you the most about Lake Baikal is that this is the only place in the world where freshwater seals live.

#3 Green Lake, Austria

And speaking of lakes, here is another one, apart from Lake Baikal, which is stunning and it is still considered to be a secret place because not that many tourists visit it. This is the Green Lake in Austria.

There are a lot of people who prefer to visit Austria in the winter because the Christmas decorations in December are breathtaking and everything looks as if it is taken from a fairytale. However, spring is also a great time to visit the country, especially if you decide to pay a visit to the Green Lake as well.

The lake itself is not that big but the water there is crystal clear. It is so clear that it looks it is not deep at all, but do not let this one to trick you. The park around the lake is very pretty as well. There is a lot of greenery and it is a great place for a walk and relaxation.

#4 Smoo Cave, Scotland

There are a lot of caves in the wold which are so pretty that when one goes there it almost feels like they are in another world. Smoo Cave in Scotland is one of the caves that it worth visiting not only because it is extremely beautiful, but also because there are still not that many tourists that go there.

At the entrance of the cave you will see a cute wooden bridge which has turned into a symbol of it. Another thing that is good about it is that this is a seaside cave. There is a small river in the cave which were created by the waterfall in the cave. If you want to see it, however, you will need a boat.

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