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Have you heard of the interesting lulo fruit? It has various names. In Ecuador and Panama it is called “naranjilla”. It is also known as “Solanum quitoense” which means “little orange”. Its home is South America. It is orange in color and very small. It has a citrus flavor; do not be mistaken by its inner look. When it is cut in halves it looks more like a tomato. If you did not include this fruit in your diet, fix this mistake immediately. Lulo has so many benefits that it will blow your mind. Here they are.

It boosts your immune system

Lulo fruit has a lot of vitamins like A and C. This is no wonder since it tastes like a citrus fruit. The more you eat the better. Vitamin C is known to improve health. It is one of the most effective antioxidants.

It lowers cholesterol

This amazing fruit is full of fiber pepsin (strong enzyme) which helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body naturally. This is a great remedy for deceases like diabetes and heart conditions. And who would have thought that in such a small fruit there is so much power?

It improves your vision

Except from Vitamin A which helps eyesight, there are a lot of important minerals in lulo. They reduce the oxidative stress on your eyes. This can reduce the risk of any eye infection you know, for example, cataract.

Relieves stress

Scientists claim that any health problems we have are caused by stress. Today’s world is in such a hurry that you won’t even notice if you are in a stressful situation. But this actually reflects on your body and health. Lulo helps relieve stress. It affects the levels of stress hormone. It also fights insomnia. If you have problems sleeping, you now know the remedy.

Improves digestion

Even though it is a bit embarrassing talking about our digestion, we have to in order not to have health problems with it. If you eat healthy, you won’t have problems with your digestive system. However, we cannot always be careful what we eat (or at least some of us), so we need some help with our digestive system. Lulo contains a lot of dietary fiber, which helps push the food to the digestive tract.

Lulo for healthy bones

Bone health is very important, especially if you want to have stronger joints when you are older. Doctors will recommend you eating “white” products. If drinking milk and eating white cheese are not one of your favorite products in your diet, try lulo. It is rich in minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorous which are the best helpers when it comes to your bones.

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