Advantages and disadvantages of gel polish

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Gel nails are durable and spectacular. Recently, they are gaining popularity in the everyday life of all types of women. However, does this rapid and lasting nail polish type have any cons? Here you will read more about the advantages and disadvantages of gel polish. Should it be your first time or one hundredth, you need to be aware of that goes behind applying gel on your nails and if you want to do it (again).

Placing the gel polish

Before presenting to you the pros and cons of gel nails, we will explain briefly what you need to know about this type of paint, and how to place it. You can place the gel nail polish either at home on your own or visit a professional manicurist. We recommend that you trust a professional to place the gel polish for you because any malfunction can damage the nail plate for a long, long time. And placing the gel polish requires a set of materials and tools that not everyone has at home.

First comes the thinning of the nail plate in the desired form. Then you have to push or cut cuticles. Remove natural gloss nail with a gentle file or block. Then gently pad and remove any dust from the thinning. Next step is the placement of several foundations and gels that prepare the nail for the gel polish. Here comes the first baking of the nails under an UV lamp. After removing the arm from the machine, clear the sticky layer with a special fluid. Apply the chosen color and bake the gel again. Apply a second layer of gel coat and bake it again under the UV light. Apply the finishing layer and then bake again. Clean any sticky layer and apply especially soothing oil for the cuticles. In the best case, you will not think about visiting the manicurist in the next two weeks.

Advantages of the gel polish

– Gel nail polish type is suitable for people with thin and brittle nails

– Gel polish is durable. It is suitable for people who do not have time to visit a manicurist or to take care of their nails every week or so

– Using a gel nail polish can be extended. You will have a perfect manicure without waiting weeks to grow your nails

Disadvantages of gel polish

– There are studies that suggest that the UV lamp that burned manicure in fact damages the nail and the skin of the hands, making it look older

– Thinning of the nail gloss before putting foundation violates the integrity of the nail plate

– It is advisable to take off the gel nail polish in the salon where you put it. This is often charged at an extra cost

– Putting gel nail polish costs 2-3 times more than a normal manicure. Some manicurists charge an even higher price and it is an offset by the fact that the nails withstand about two to three weeks without having to visit the manicurist again, that is if a gel nail does not chip off by accident

– If you put gel polish more than seven or eight times in a row, without giving time for the nail to “rest”, it may lead to extreme damage of the nail plate, and that is something that can be even more costly and that you want to avoid!


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