A Guide to the Netherlands – Essential Things Travelers Should Know

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The Netherlands is a country in north-western Europe which a lot of people associate with one thing or another, like its famous windmills and some activities which are legal in the country but not in many other ones not only in Europe but around the world as well.

This country is surely one which deserves to be seen and experienced and if you still have not done that then maybe it is time to do so. Today we are going to present to you a short but essential guide with things you need to know about the Netherlands before you go there. Check it out!

#1 Essential things you need before arriving at the Netherlands

One of the first things you should do before you visit a foreign country is find out which language it is spoken there, what kind of currency there is, whether you will need a visa or just a passport to go there, and also whether you will need any special health shots.

The language spoken in the Netherlands is Dutch, which is also spoken in countries such as Aruba and Belgium. If you do not know it, it is better to grab some dictionary or a phrasebook in order to get by in the country if there are people who do not speak English.

Passport and Shots
You will need no visa to enter the Netherlands but just your overseas passport, of course, it needs to be a valid one so check its expiration date. There is no need to take any special short before going to the country apart from the ordinary ones which every person needs to have had.

As for the currency, you will need only Euros which is really helpful if you decide to travel around Europe – you will not need to exchange any other currencies but stick to this one.

#2 Best time to visit the Netherlands

The next thing tourists should have in mind before visiting the Netherlands is the time you need to do it in order to experience the best of the country and its climate. As you probably know, one of the symbols of the countries, apart from the windmills, is tulips. This flower is a symbolic one to the country and there are a lot of fields of tulips all over the country. If you want to see them bloom, then you need to visit the country in April or May.

Another reason to do so is to avoid the crowds of tourists which flood the place in July and August and also to enjoy the pleasant weather which is neither too cold, nor too warm.

In general it is better to avoid the winter months from October to April since the weather it surely not the best one there could be.

#3 Method of transportation

Once you arrive in the country you will need to find a way to travel around to get to the places you want to. You could use the public transport, of course, but you should also know that the cheapest and most popular way to go around it cycling.

It is very popular since it is environment-friendly, it is cheap, and I would say because it is good for keeping fit. When you go there, you could hire a bike for your whole stay in the country and it will still be cheaper than other methods of transportation.

#4 Manners

The next thing you need to know how to communicate with the Dutch people and not to offend them. Firstly, when you meet any locals you need to shake hands and to introduce yourself. Basically, you need to say your name instead of “hallo”.

Another thing which you may find useful when communicating with the locals is that they do not touch other people often, which means that they would find it strange if you accidently or not touch them as well as if you raise your voice when you speak because they do not do it usually.

Dutch people are very open and straightforward which may scare some people, or even offend them. Make sure you do not take everything too personal and try not to take offense if a local tells you something which you would not like. It is just the way they are.

#5 Table manners

Last, but not least, when you go to the Netherlands, you need to watch for your manners at the table. Some of them are very typical for the western world, like keeping your knife in your right hand and fork in your left one without switching them.

Another table manner that some of you may find strange, because it is not so well known one, is keeping one’s hands above the table the whole time you are eating. It is not so hard to follow an

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