8 Beauty Uses of Spoons You Did Not Know About

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Judging by the title of this article, a lot of women will be skeptical that a spoon can be used as a beauty tool. It is not only that it can be used as one beauty tool, but there are seven more uses that you had no idea about. Well, if you are doubtful that a spoon can make you more beautiful, just continue reading. You will be very surprised how much you have missed by only using a spoon for eating. And here are the 8 beauty uses of spoons.

#1 Make everyone envy you about your “spoon” manicure

First of the spoon uses is actually quite easy, and everybody can do it. You can use a spoon to make yourself some great nail polish color. Once you have painted your nails in a single color, you can decorate it using two more colors. Just apply some lip balm on your cuticles to make it cleaning the nail polish from them easier later. Then mix two nail polish colors in a spoon. It will be best if you choose two complementary colors, or colors that are from the same family. Do not mix them too well, you still want to have two colors. You may use a bobby pin or a toothpick. Then just dip your nails into the spoon and your nail polish decoration is ready.

#2 Contour your face easily with a spoon

Some women find contouring quite difficult. They are not exactly sure where to apply the bronzer to make their cheek bones sharper. Some apply too much, others cannot find the right place where to apply the bronzer. And this is where the spoon comes in. Just apply a regular tablespoon on the apples of your cheekbones and start contouring. This way you will not apply bronzer on the parts of your face you should not apply it, and it will be much easier to you to do it.

#3 Curl your lashes with a spoon

If you do not have a lash curler at the moment, do not worry, you can use a spoon to do this job. First heat it a little using your hands. Just rub it a little there. Then put it on your upper lash with the bulging part facing your lashes. Then apply mascara on your lashes. The heated spoon will help preserve the curled shape of the lashes. And speaking of using spoons for your lashes, here comes the next beauty use.

#4 Protect your eyelids from the mascara

You know when you are applying mascara that you sometimes accidentally apply some of the mascara on your eyelids. It does not matter that you have been applying mascara all your life, there comes a time when you make a mess on your eyelids. The good news is that you can easily prevent this from happening just by using a spoon as a prop. Cover your upper and lower lashes with a spoon while you are applying mascara. And if you accidentally touch the spoon, there will be no mascara on your eyelids.

#5 Get rid of those under eye bags

There are a lot of people who have dark circles or bags under their eyes, even if they get enough sleep. So, how to get rid of them the fastest and easiest way possible? No, it does not involve cucumbers, but frozen spoons. Just put the spoon in the freezer to chill, and in an hour get it out and place it under your eyes. The shape of the spoon is perfect for the shape of the under-eye area, and the ice-cold feeling will help you remove those bags. Sure you can use some ice cubes, but once they start melting it would be quite uncomfortable.

#6Fix your eyeshadows

There are a lot of women who have favoriteeyeshadows, but accidentally dropping them on the floor is what prevents them from using them ever again. Well, this is not a problem anymore. You can easily fix them using a spoon and some alcohol. What you have to do is to break the rest of the product using a spoon. Then apply a little alcohol pouring it carefully into the shadows. Use the spoon to make a paste of it and let it dry overnight. In the morning the shadows will be ready to use.

#7 Master eyeliner

Some women find it hard to learn how to apply eyeliner perfectly. You can master it by using a spoon. Just place it where you want the wing to be, and apply the eyeliner.

#8 Get rid of bad breath

There are certain moments when you have to wash your teeth, but you do not have a brush or a toothpaste, or a gum. What you can do in this case is to get rid of your bad breath using a spoon. Just rub your tongue with it. This is a great tongue scraping tool and your breath will be fresh again.


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