7 Spring Fashion Trends for 2018

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Good news everybody, it is already spring! And those of you who love warm weather and a lot of sunshine are probably very excited about the change of the seasons. One way to celebrate the warm weather and the coming of more and more sunny days is to do it with class by trying out some of the fashion trends of this season.

Today we have listed for you a number of the top fashion trends of this spring season. The good news is that you can find the best ones which match your personal style and preferences. Check them out!

#1 All American

The first of the trends which have already become part of the spring fashion trends is inspired by the America flag. We all know how it looks like and that it has three colors – red, white, and blues. You can find different outfits which consist of these three colors, like a striped top in red and white with a striped bottom in white and blue.

There could be a dress in stripes again, combining the three colors. Or if you want to stick to the American flag, then you need to include in your outfit white stars on blue background. You could wear such scarf, for example.

#2 High-class denim

Denim clothes are not usually considered the most high-fashion item. However, this season they are also a part of the high fashion trends. Of course, you can also escape from the most typical denim jeans and jackets by looking for fabrics which are not so straightforward but with some twist.

And if you choose to wear denim clothes in another color, not blue, but maybe white, or black, you can also wear them for some special events, like a night out with friends, or even a day at the office if your dress code allows it.

#3 All the single colors

The next spring fashion trend which we have included for you today is a trend which is perfect for the spring season and would appeal to those of you who do like wearing an outfit in only one color. This season you can wear outfits which are only in one color, like a dress in green only, or some suit in the same orange color, and so on.

Fresh spring colors, like yellow, green, orange, and pink. Make sure they are not pastel colors, but really bright one to match the fresh and bright mood of the season. The outfit could be in only one color, but the accessories can be in another one, complementing the main color.

#4 Transparent pieces

Even though transparent clothes, or parts of the clothes, are usually associated with the warmest time of the year – summer, this year one’s preparation for this season can start a couple of months earlier because one of the spring fashion trends this year is transparent pieces.

Of course, high fashion is different from the clothes one wears on an everyday basis, but you can still choose such suitable pieces which are a part of the trend. You can choose skirts, shirts, or some other tops with transparent parts. You only need to make sure not too much of your intimate zones is revealed when wearing such a piece.

#5 Mixed prints

Every season has a set of prints which are in fashion. This fashion season also offers a number of prints which will be a part of the trends, but there is a twist to it – the outfits should consist of mixed prints. For example, you can wear a top in stripes and checked bottoms, or there could be some animal or floral print with a print in dots, and so on.

This season you can experiment with prints and different print combinations as much as you want and the good news is that the outfits you will choose can easily be a part of the top fashion trends.

#6 Satin

Satin clothes are often linked to a particular type of clothes – night gowns. Of course, this does not mean that there are no other satin clothes. And this season has to offer some satin outfits for the spring. There are skirts, top, and even dresses all made of satin. If you do not feel too bold to try such items this year, you can wear sating scarfs to begin with and then expand your wardrobe items with some sating tops.

#7 Fringe

Fringes are a part of the bag trends this season, but they are also going to be a part of the outfit ones. You can add to your wardrobe some jacket with fringes on the sleeves, or some skirt and dress with fringes which move when you walk.

They are great for dancing because they create the illusion that one is moving more than they actually do. It is definitely an interesting trend which will not leave you unnoticed.

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