6 Ways to Have a Better Life This Summer

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1. Check you phone less

Nowadays we have become obsessed with social media. It is all about our Instagram posts, Swarm check ins, Facebook status updates and Twitter posts. And that is not a real life. That is a life trough a phone or a computer. And since we always want to know how many likes we have or whatever and we always want to know what happens on those group chats we are always checking our phones. I know that because I am one of those people and I see all the people around.

Summer is the season to get free, wild and to get that much desired rest. And that can’t happen if you mind is always occupied by your phone and what is going on on the other end. Summer is the time to appreciate all the beauty around us (without taking photos every 5 minutes) and feel the breeze, meet people, have cocktails. And do you know what? The world doesn’t need to know about that. Once you stop using and looking at your phone that much, you will be way happier and freer and you will never want to get back to that boring obsessed life.

2. Spend at least 30 minutes per day outside

The sun is the most natural way to bring happiness to our lives. And it also has that vitamin D your body is longing for. The air won’t be fresher than the one in the summer. Nor will the weather be better. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes in the mountains, you can have them on your balcony or in the park nearby. Even at a coffee shop. Just have them in the sunshine, without thinking about work and being busy. Have 30 minutes outside the house and office for yourself.

If you just don’t have the time, try just having your lunch or dinner outside. It won’t take that much more time than having it inside a restaurant. You will soon enough notice how much better you feel.

3. Drink more water

Actually you should drink more water in general, no matter the season. But in summer we get more dehydrated and we need the extra water to stay fresh and in order for our skin to be glowing and beautiful. Researches and doctors say that we should have at least 9 cups of water a day. By ‘we’ I mean women. And men should go for at least 13 cups. How much do your drink?

Some people think that 9 cups is insane. But actually it is not. Think about that – more than 60% of your body is water. So you should feed it with more of it. This is the only way to keep it healthy enough. Also by being hydrated good you will have way more energy and you will feel better in your own body.

4. Wear sunscreen ALWAYS

Many people forget about sun protection. Other wear it only at the beach. But now let’s be honest – the sun light is everywhere. You can get a sunburn even by walking your dog in the mornings. And our skin is very sensitive (especially if you are a woman). We need to take of it in order not to have too many wrinkles at an older age. Also sunscreen can help us to prevent from freckles and dark spots. And most importantly – there is no other way to be safer from a skin cancer. As you must know it develops because of the sun light and it is a deadly disease. So it is better to protect from it, rather then just think you are safe enough.

5. Smile at stranger

As a whole I would like to say – smile more! Smiling is the only way to show we are happy, but it also brings inner joy inside your soul and it improves the quality of the life you live. By smiling you can lower your stress levels and a smile always makes you look way more beautiful.

And in order to spread the world happiness and good, why don’t you give it a chance and don’t smile at people you don’t know more often? It is not a tough job and once you see those people smile back at you it will make your day. And probably theirs too. Knowing that you can do something so easy as a smile and change someones day should be the best motivation.

6. Try new food

Summer is kind of that time that makes us try new things. So why don’t we try new food too? Probably it is best to opt for vegetables and fruits you have never tried before, because summer is the time to eat them all fresh. It will be a cleaner diet and it will be surely a delicious one.

I juct can’t live in the summer without melons, watermelons, berries, apricots, cherries, mangos and papayas. And probably there are many more I have to try this summer. Exotic fruits and foods might change the way you look at breakfast and munching and it will all be good for your.

And on the vegetable side, imagine how many great salads you are missing on? Once there are fresh vegetable try to figure out new combinations you love. My favorite avocados for one are great. Beans, greens and everything else is around us in the supermarkets. Just head out there and pick your perfect ingredients. There is no reasons to waste time cooking, rather than just making a great salad.
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