6 Kinds of Foods that Will Help You Deal with Painful Period

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There are a lot of women who hare really painful periods. Some even faint or vomit because of this. The most common symptoms are a pain in the waist and the stomach. This is so painful sometimes that women cannot do their normal routine tasks. If this is a very common problem with you, then you will really find today’s topic useful.

When you are in your period, you may have these foods and they will reduce the pain and if they do not make it less painful, they will surely not increase it. So, check these foods and the next time when you are in your period, you may try them to see the result.

#1 Ginger

Ginger is a very healthy type of food. It can relief your pain in the stomach area not only when you are in your period, but also when you have different kinds of stomachache. If you notice that your period is too painful, then you could make yourself a cup of ginger tea. The hot water will also soothe your pain.

If you do not like drinking tea, then you could have a teaspoon of ginger powder. Studies show that ginger is such a strong painkiller that will have the same effect as some pills. What you have to do is to take about 1 gram of ginger every day during the first 3 days of your period. You will notice that it will not be painful at all.

#2 Salmon

Fish in general are very healthy and good for people. Experts say that a person should have fish at least once a week. Salmon is a type of fish that is very healthy and good for people. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals, and it turns out that it also works as painkiller.

When you are in your period, you could have salmon to reduce the pain. This is because of the omega 3 fatty acids salmon contains. They have anti-inflammatory effect. Have this fish at least on the first day of your period, and if you do not have this opportunity, you may have some walnuts or some linseed.

#3 Red meat

A lot of people think that red meat is not very healthy and they try to eat only white meat. However, red meat contains a lot of iron which is good for one’s overall health and also works as a painkiller. In this time of the month, women actually lack iron in their blood, so it is normal for them to feel uncomfortable and painful.

It is important to add extra iron in your daily menu during this time of the month. Have red meat at least once a day, or if you are vegetarian, you could substitute the red meat with some lentils, spinach, or beans. They also contain a lot of iron.

#4 Leafy green vegetables

Just the way spinach contains a lot of iron and it soothes the pain from your period, other leafy green vegetables are also a perfect choice for dealing with painful menstruation. These vegetables are also a perfect source of vitamins and minerals. They contain calcium, potassium, also vitamins A, C, and B. All of them are a perfect remedy for dealing with the symptoms of PMS.

#5 Black chocolate

A lot of people think that chocolate is not healthy, but this is not true when it comes to black chocolate. It is actually the healthiest kind of chocolate and it is still very delicious. This is because it contains a lot of cocoa and it does not contain as much sugar as the other kinds of chocolate. It contains vitamin E which is one of the vitamins that you need when dealing with painful menstruation.

If you still do not want to eat black chocolate, or do not have this opportunity, then you could have other foods which contain vitamin E, like eggs, avocado, almonds, and liver. Make sure you include at least one type of these foods in your menu if you have painful periods.

#6 Natural yogurt

If you are one of the people who regularly has yogurt for breakfast, then you are doing yourself a big favor. Yogurt is very good for your digestive system, so if you have some constipation problems, you need definitely to have more of it. And not only this, but it is also perfect for soothing painful menstruation.

This is because yogurt contains a lot of calcium and, as it was mentioned above, calcium is a good painkiller especially for such kind of pain. It will also work as a prevention for bloating. So, you should definitely include it in your daily menu, especially when you are in your period.

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