6 Foods That Ease an Upset Stomach

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There are certain periods in our lives when we have an upset stomach because of one reason or another. We ate something “fishy” or changes in the climate have negative effect on our stomach. Thus the consequences are diarrhea, nausea or cramping. It is not necessary every time we have a health problem taking a pill. Try with this solution –eat something healthy instead. Here are 6 foods that will ease your upset stomach.


In a lot of diets bananas are forbidden because they have a lot of calories. However, they have a lot of health benefits also. You have probably heard that bananas are energy booster for marathon runners. Bananas are easily digestible and do not upset the stomach. On the contrary, these wonderful fruits contain pectin (also found in apples), which helps soothe the bowel movements.

White Rice

Usually white foods are not the healthiest ones if you ask some food experts. However, they are perfect when your stomach is upset. Stuff yourself with a lot of white rice, toasts or some boiled potatoes and soon you will stop lying down in your bed curled.


Again a white product that soothes the stomach, the yogurt is very light and will ease your stomach. The reason is simple. Yogurts contain active cultures. When these cultures end up in your stomach they increase the number of good bacteria there. This will reduce the uncomfortable feeling you have and if you want to achieve the maximum effect, try some plain organic yogurt.


Numerous of studies have shown that it works very well as a remedy for digestive problems. We usually use it as a flavor of some cookies, but now you can eat it just by itself. You can start with 1 gram of ginger daily; the maximum amount of ginger you can take is 4 grams. Or you can just grab a bite of a ginger cookie – delicious and helpful.

Herbal Tea

You have probably heard that herbal tea has a lot of benefits. It is often used when a person needs to set down their nerves. Yet now there is another benefit the scientists found, herbal tea has a stomach-specific healing properties. Recent studies have shown that peppermint (which some herbal teas consist of) helps with soothing symptoms of nausea. Well, now you know which warm beverage will ease your tummy.


This exotic fruit except for  being very delicious is very helpful with digestive problems. If you regularly eat papaya you will ease the digestion of your stomach and won’t ever feel the problems of constipation, as much as we do not like to admit it, every one of us had such problems. The papaya contains enzymes which break down proteins and soothes the stomach.

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