6 Cool Fashion Trends to Wear This Year

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There are different fashion trends every season, but the really major change comes every year. There are trends which stay in fashion not only for the current season but also for the whole year, whereas every year offers new trends, which are sometimes completely different compared to the ones from the previous year.

And since 2018 has begun, there are already some trends which are in fashion and are very likely to remain there throughout the rest of the year. We have prepared for you a list with the top ones. Check them out!

#1 Sparkles

As you probably already know there are different kinds of trends which make a comeback every now and then. During the last few months another such trend has made a comeback and this is sparkles. Sparkles are usually associated with parties and some sparkling events.

This year you can definitely add such items to your wardrobe for special events. And this number does not only include clothes, but also accessories and most importantly shoes. The shoe part of the sparkling trend is actually the biggest one currently after a famous super model wore sparkling boots to her birthday a couple of months ago.

#2 White accessories

And here is a trend which sounds a bit more unusual – white accessories. During the last season the accessories has either some metallic color, or bright colors to stand out. Now white comes as a part of the colors which you can choose for wearing some accessory.

White is actually a great color for accessories because it will make them stand out and will match any type of colors you decide to wear as an outfit. And since it has not been so popular for a long time as an accessory color, it will make its presence in the current fashion trends even more memorable and interesting.

#3 Big shoulders

The next trend which will be very popular this year has gained some popularity over the last months. It is one of the trends from the 1980s which made a big comeback and it currently very popular.

Currently you cannot only wear coats and trench coats with shoulder pads, but also other tops, like sweaters. This style is a part of another one which makes a comeback this year – tailoring, and more particularly head-to-toe tailoring.

#4 Trench coats

And since we already mentioned trench coats which can be worn with shoulder pads, there is also a trend which includes trench coats in particular as an outerwear. This year bomber jackets give their place to trench coats.

This year trench coats are again one of the top outerwear trends. They are perfect for the spring season because they are not too thick and at the same time they are perfect both for everyday situation and for more special occasions.

#5 Bright pastel colors

The next trend which you can pay special attention to this year is not a part of the clothes type, but it concerns their colors. Apart from wearing white accessories, you can also look for pastel colors when you buy some new clothes.

However, this does not include any pastel color. Try to find pastel shades of lilac, baby yellow, or periwinkle. They look perfect on clean and straight patterns. You can wear them both as tops and bottoms.

#6 Tailoring

Another trend which comes and goes is tailoring. This year it is definitely back and it is one of the top trends. This trend is, of course, perfect for a day at work and it is not as strict as the traditional patterns.

Tailoring style is looser and that is definitely one of the things you should look for when it comes to the pattern of the suit you are going to buy. And besides, it will be a great change to have compared to your usual office wear.

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