5 Wrong Eating Habits

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You know that eating well is really important for your body health and also for your sexy shape. But there are certain foods that some people eat inappropriately, or more specifically – they are not receiving the 100% of the healthy ingredients that these foods are willing to give. Take a look which are they:
Kiwi. Almost everyone peel the kiwi before the consumption. The kiwi is a great source of vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which successfully helps the renovating of the DNA cells. But if you keep peeling the kiwi you keep loosing some of the great ingredients that are contained in the peel. The skin of the kiwi helps the body to take more fibers out of the foods and keeps the vitamin C working longer. But if you are not a fan of the fuzzy skin of the kiwi, you can just add one or two whole kiwis to your fruity morning shake. But be careful, some people are allergic to fruits with fuzzy skin, make sure that you are not one of them.
Broccoli. Don’t eat only the top of the broccoli, every single part of that vegetable contains its own, healthy benefits. The leaves that wrapping the flowers of the broccoli are full of vitamins – A, C, K etc. The stem of the broccoli richer in fiber than the flower of the vegetable. When you pick up broccoli from the store keep in mind that the darker colored ones are richer in beta-Carotene than the brighter broccoli.

Low-fat milk. The low-fat milk is strongly processed, which means that almost every nutrient and healthy ingredient is gone from the milk. Just try to eat more natural and you will see that your body will feel better and it will look better for sure.

Grilled meat and caramelized onions. The process of cooking, which includes browning and caramelizing, creates a chemical reaction in the foods, in which the sugars and the proteins are connecting and create advanced glycation end products – AGE, which promote skin aging, as well as other diseases associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease. To avoid the intake of foods in which the AGE reaction is created you have to eat the foods raw, lightly steamed, blanched or saute, because the higher the temperature of the cooking is, the more harmful compounds are created in it.

Cinnamon. This fragrant spice helps the balance of the blood sugar and promotes the fat burning. That’s why you should consider the intake of the cinnamon not only with sweets and desserts, but also (and the better way) with drinks. Add cinnamon to your warm milk or make a cinnamon tea. You can also sprinkle cinnamon powder over your Oatmeal.
These foods are healthy and delicious, make sure that you eat them the right way. Have fun!

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