5 Strange Reasons for Divorce

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In the 21st century it is not uncommon for people to get divorce. People can get married easily and can get divorced just as easily. This, of course, do not mean this is a good thing, but sometimes it has to be done. And what are the most common reasons for divorces? One is likely to say an adultery or felling no love towards each other anymore and this would be absolutely true.

But have you thought that there could be some strange and yet true reasons for divorces? Today we are going to show you some of them. They are based on statistics.

#1 Having an online affair

Affairs are always at the top parts of any list of break-ups and even the strangest kinds of lists, like this one, include them. Well, one of the common reasons for divorces is online affairs. There are many people who flirt online. They have some passionate chats with other people and never meet them, let alone kiss them or have sex with them. And still online flirting is considered for adultery by many people and it leads to divorces. So, be careful with it.

#2 Marrying a younger/older partner

When it comes to love, there are no limits and this is the way it should be. There are numerous couples who get married despite their big age difference. There are cases when both genders could be the younger or the older partner.

However, due to some subconscious reason, or simply because of the age difference, a lot of couples with significant age difference get divorced. Studies show that people with small age difference have better chances at having strong and healthy marriage without getting divorced.

#3 Skipping college

It is generally accepted that the time after school is devoted to college. But there are still a lot of people who decide that they would skip college and start working immediately after school. Believe it or not, but this turns out to be another strange and common reason for divorces.

The reason may sound strange, but the explanation is simple and logical if you think about it. More educated people, who have graduated college, earn more money than those who have high-school education. And when there are money problems in a family, whether we like it or not, the result can often be a divorce.

#4 Travelling too far for work

People have to travel far for work in most metropolitan cities unless they are so lucky that their job is behind the corner. This is considered something normal in our modern society. However, a study has shown that if a person travels more than 45 minutes from and to work, then the chance of them getting divorced is higher.

This may sound strange again, but if you think about it, this is logical. People spend most of their day time working and if they have some extra work to finish at the office and then travel about an hour to get home, the time they will spend with their partner will be quite little. And this is where a lot of quarrels start and people break up.

Another explanation for this result of the study is that since people have to travel so much, they become irritated, tired, and snappy. When they come home, they turn all their negativity towards their partner and in some time such attitude will lead to divorce. So be careful about it.

#5 Unequal household duties

In the past, the job that women had to do was to stay home, look after the children, and do all of the household duties, including cooking, washing-up, and the laundry. Nowadays women have other roles in society and they simply would not accept being someone’s babysitter and servant.

When household duties are not distributed evenly between a couple, then this definitely could be a factor for a divorce later in their lives. First of all, one of the partners will feel oppressed and not appreciated. Secondly, the partners will start quarreling about this inequality in household duties. As a result, they will get divorced. Sadly, often minor problems, like such, are the stumbling stone for a lot of marriages.

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