5 Steps to the Perfect Eyebrow Routine

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There are makeup and eyebrow tricks that can help you to look like a celebrity. Any makeup artist would tell that the first and most important trick is to not be afraid of experimenting with the way you look. However, when it comes to defining your brows – there are no two ways to do it right. You need to know the basic tips, tricks and steps to shape them like a pro.

Step 1: Brush all hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming brush or with a clean mascara brush. If you think the hairs are too long, trim them a bit with small scissors. If you want your arch to be higher, pluck some hairs underneath the brow arch.

Step 2: Now use a sharp pencil and draw a line along the eyebrow hair. Try not to make the pencil color too obvious by applying thick lines. To blend the colour properly, use your angled brush to diffuse the line into your brow.

Step 3: Define the brow using a flat or angle brush dipped in a cream color. Notice that not the entire brow is going to be the same darkness. Your eyebrow arch and the end are going to be the darkest parts. Once you’ve defined your natural eyebrow shape, it is essential to know how to blend your brow pencil properly. Once you are satisfied with the final result, use a q-tip to gently clean up any imperfections you may have created with the pencil. Brush all hairs with the grooming brush again. This will ensure your eyebrows stay great all day!

Step 4: Use a highlighter under your eyebrow to make it pop. Now you have the perfect highlighted eyebrows! By using this basic makeup technique daily, you will be on your way to ideal eyebrows in no time.

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