5 Spring Outfit Ideas for the Office

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Some companies have strict dress code for their employees. They either have to wear uniforms, or to wear business outfits. The best time of the year to wear such kind of outfits is spring, or autumn, because the weather is neither too cold, like in the winter, nor too hot, like in the summer.

A person can wear some suit at this time of the year without feeling uncomfortable about the weather. Today we have prepared for you some outfit ideas which are perfect for the office for this time of the year – spring. Check them out!

#1 White suit

The first of the spring outfit suggestions we have prepared for you is based on one main color – white. You can wear a white blazer with a white high waist pants again in white. If you think that the two main items of the outfit are too white, you can choose a blazer with some pattern, like dots.

You can match it with some top in light color, light blue, or yellow. You can also wear shoes in the same color as the top, or a similar one. And if you are wearing a bag with the outfit, you can definitely wear big bag, like a suitcase one.

#2 Suit lady

And since we mentioned that office style is often strict and sophisticated, we cannot miss to include in our spring office outfit ideas a suit one. Business ladies can afford to wear both dresses and suits to work. And if you have at least one suit in your wardrobe suitable for the not so warm time of the year.

You can wear a suit of a blazer and pant in the same dark color, like grey or blue. It is best to avoid entirely black suits. They may be suitable for men, but a bit too dark for ladies. You can wear it with some shirt underneath and tuck it in the pants. As for the shoes, some high heels are a great choice.

#3 Pencil skirt and a shirt

The next outfit idea suitable for the office for this time of the year is a pencil skirt with some shirt. You can wear a long pencil skirt in some dark color, whereas the top of the outfit could be in lighter color.

You can choose dark blue for the skirt and white for the shirt, or you can wear a black skirt and a pink shirt but you can also choose other colors if you prefer. You can also wear a shirt in some print. A traditional one is stripes. And of course with this outfit it is best to wear some stiletto shoes.

#4 Long pleated skirt in green

The next outfit idea for the office is a rather casual one because it is not a suit, but it is again suitable for working environment. You can wear some top with a pleated skirt in some fresh vibrant color for the spring, like green.

You can wear the skirt with a shirt in white or with some simple top. As for the shoes, you can again wear some high heels, like stilettos. And when the weather gets warmer, you can wear some sandal high heels with the outfit.

#5 Orange for spring

Since the office outfits we have prepared for you today are spring ones, we cannot help but include some brighter colors which will show that the outfit you are wearing is a spring one. You can wear, for example, an orange chiffon top, it could be a shirt, with some light grey pants.

The pants could be in some print as well, like small dots, or some geometrical figures. You can choose some fitted pants and you can tuck in the shirt. As for the accessories, you can wear some white stilettoes and a white bag. They will complement the whole outfit completely.

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